Every Indian must remain alert about Corona: Prime Minister Modi

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I appeal that the elderly, senior citizens and those above 65 years of age in our families, not leave homes for the next few weeks. Today’s generation may not be very familiar with this,but in the olden times, blackout was observed at night during wartime. This would at times go on for prolonged periods. Several times, there would also be blackout drills.

Today, I request my fellow citizens for support on one more issue, that of people’s curfew. People’s curfew means a curfew imposed for the people, by the people, on the people themselves.

This Sunday, that is on 22nd March, all citizen must abide by this people’s curfew from 7 AM until 9 PM. During this curfew, we shall neither leave our homes, nor get onto the streets or roam about our localities.Only those associated with emergency and essential services will leave their homes.

New Delhi: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Thursday, 19 March 2020, underscored that complacency in respect of a global pandemic like Corona is not appropriate. Therefore, it is essential that each and every Indian remains alert and cautious.

For the past 2 months, Modi said, lakhs of our people have been working day and night in our Hospitals and Airports. From doctors to nurses, hospital staff, sanitation workers, airlines employees, government staff, police personnel, media people, people associated with train-bus-auto rickshaw services, and home delivery agents; all have been selflessly serving others, without caring about themselves.

On 22nd March, all Indians should express their gratitude to all such people. On Sunday at exactly 5 pm, we all stand at the doors, balconies, windows of our homes, and give them all a 5-minute standing ovation.We clap our hands, beat our plates, ring our bells to boost their morale, salute their service.

To inform people about this, the Prime Minister urged the local authorities across the country to ring a siren at 5 pm on 22nd March.

We must with full sincerity, express our feelings towards all such fellow citizens who have lived by our value-system of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’, that is Service being the highest Duty, the PM said

In such times of crisis, we also need to be aware that the burden on our essential services, our hospitals, is continuously increasing, the Prime Minister pointed out urging the people to, as much as possible, avoid going to the hospital for routine check-ups. When necessary, people could get the required guidance over phone from their known local doctor, family doctor, or some relative who is a doctor. In case they have a non-essential, elective surgery scheduled, they should postpone it by a month.

This global pandemic is also going to have a wide-ranging impact on the economy, the PM emphasised. Keeping in mind the economic challenges arising from the Corona virus, the government has decided to set up a COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force under the leadership of the Finance Minister, the PM announced. This Task Force will take decisions in the near future, based on regular interactions and feedback from all stakeholders, and analysis of all situations and dimensions. This Task Force will also ensure that all steps taken to reduce the economic difficulties are effectively implemented.

Modi further said that the whole world is currently passing through a period of very serious crisis. Normally, when a natural crisis strikes, it is limited to a few countries or states. However, this time the calamity is such that it has it has put all of mankind in crisis. World Wars 1 and 2 did not impact as many countries, as have been affected by Corona today.

Over the last two months, The PM said, we are continuously observing and hearing of grave Corona virus related news. In these two months, the 130 crore citizens of India have ably dealt with the global Corona pandemic and have exercised due caution. Study of the countries most affected by Coronavirus has revealed another aspect. In these countries, the spread of the disease has witnessed almost an explosion after the initial few days. The number of people infected by Corona has grown at a rapid pace. Government of India is constantly keeping a close watch on this situation, and this track record of the spread of Corona.

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