Governor asks Kamal Nath to prove majority in Assembly on 16 March

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Madhya Pradesh Assembly

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Governor Lalji Tandon has written a letter to Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Saturday 14 March 2020 asking him to prove majority immediately after his address on Monday on the opening day of the Budget session.

The Governor has underscored that with the resignation of 22 MLAs, prima facie the Kamal Nath government has lost majority.

The Governor in his letter to the Chief Minister has stated: “I have received information that 22 MLAs of Madhya Pradesh Assembly have submitted their resignations to the Speaker. These MLAs have also informed about their resignation through both electronic and print media. I have watched the media coverage carefully in this regard. These 22 MLAs also have sent me separately their letters of resignation on 10 March.

These same MLAs have also asked for security for presenting themselves before the Speaker through separate letter dated 13 March 2020. Six of these 22 MLAs, who were ministers in your government, who have been removed from the Cabinet on your recommendation, their resignation has also been accepted by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly today.

You have also given your consent to win the trust by your letter dated 13 March 2020 and I have also been informed by the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party of these circumstances and that undue pressure is being brought upon by the state government on the MLAs who have resigned and also the others .

I have reason to prima facie believe from the above that your government has lost the confidence of the House and your government is in a minority. This situation is very serious, so it has become necessary to constitutionally protect the democratic values and it is mandatory ​​that you should win the confidence in the Assembly immediately after my address on 16 March 2020.”

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