Coronavirus: Adopt the culture of “Namaste” and “Aadab” and stay safe

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Bhopal: Taking necessary precautions is the best way to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from spreading from person to person among those in close contact. It may spread by respiratory droplets released when someone with the virus coughs or sneezes.

To avoid this, one must maintain distance from the infected person and see a doctor immediately when cold, cough and fever occurs. Madhya Pradesh Principal Secretary Health Pallavi Jain said this at a media workshop in the State capital on Wednesday March 4.

The Principal Secretary informed the participants that Madhya Pradesh government is in constant touch with the Central government. There are no patients infected with Corona virus in the state, she told media-persons adding so far 14 samples have been sent to Pune for examination. While one report is awaited, the result of all the other 13 is negative.

As many as 420 persons have come to the State from abroad during a test period. Out of these, 319 have been given permission to move about at public places after being kept in observation for 28 days, 67 persons have been kept in isolation at home.

The senior health administration officer informed the participants that special training will be imparted through video conferencing at 350 centers in the state on March 6. Special monitoring is being done at Khajuraho, Sanchi, Orchha and a few other tourist places. A three-member Rapid Action Team has been formed in the district, which will ensure safety and action on receiving any Coronavirus related information. All drug inspectors have been directed that no medical institute and shop should store excess medicines and masks. Also it must be ensured that medicines are not sold at a higher rate than M.R.P. Contact is also being established with all the military centres of the state, so that work can be done in coordination if need arises.

The officer further said that wide publicity is being give to educcate people about prevention of Coronavirus. Separate examination of patients with cold, cough, and fever has been started in hospitals. If there is a travel history of a patient or a person coming in contact with such persons, then he is being kept under observation.

Along with all these patients, people are also being told to adopt Indian culture and not shake hands. People are being told to adopt the Namaste, Aadab culture, keep a cloth over the mouth while coughing and cover the nose, mouth with the elbow. Keep distance from the person infected with cold and cough. Avoid going to public places and wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds.

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