Report on Delhi riots comes under scathing attack

Newsroom24x7 Network

The report by Farah Naqvi, Sarojini N, Navsharan Singh and Naveen Chander underscores at the outset: “The targeting of Muslims in North east Delhi reminded one distinctly of the targeting of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 and of Muslims in Gujarat 2002. The death toll is far less, but the targeting is truly frightening – where one shop is burnt, but the two adjacent shops on either side are not. Roadside mazars are burnt, masjids in the interiors are burnt.”
The critical response of a cross-section of leaders of society to this twisted, warped, rabidly diabolic report  is self-explanatory.

Does such reports actually reflect ground position or remains some what Selective.. – Parikshit Sharma

They are extremely selective. Gandhi would have said that these are untruthful reports, designed to promote the untruth rather than the truth from the ground. An eye-witness report of this variety that is untruthful only promotes polarization. The good and kind hearted would have to recognize that unless they are truthful in the simple sense of the term their actions only feed hatreds. – Rajiv Lochan

Is this report comprehensive or selective in witnessing and observing. Any report, like this should go into the dustbin if it is blind to cause and effect. – Lalit Shastri

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