Man arrested for obscene gesture in Delhi Metro

Newsroom24x7 Network

New Delhi: A man in his late 20s, who flashed his penis at a lady inside Delhi Metro around 6PM on 12 February while she was returning from work has been tracked and arrested by Police after the harassed woman had filed an FIR and posted a photo of the accused on a micro-blogging site. 
According to the lady converted, she was sitting on the 2-seater at the end of 7th coach returning to Gurgaon on yellowline and the accused was standing facing her for quite sometime and then he turned to bring his right profile to face her when she saw his penis outside of his pant directed at her.
He was carrying a bag in front of his penis to hide it from the front. He stayed at that position for maybe a minute while the lady’s eyes were glued to the floor. Later that night, she approached Ghitorni metro police station and again the next morning. The male head constable present there took the details and the picture of the accused but did not register an FIR. After this, the lady called up the women’s helpline to ask where one should file an FIR in this case and she forwarded her complaint to the respective police station. Later she received a call from the Ghitorni police station informing her that the complaint will be filed with them.
Subsequently, the SI from Ghitorni police station took her application and filed an FIR, and a DMRC Security Inspector also informed her that they were looking into the CCTV footage. 

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