What Azadi?

Lalit Shastri

Just as India has lashed out at Malayasia over the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad’s criticism of India on the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act and withdrawal of Special status to Kashmir under Article 370 by banning import of palm oil from that country, India should snub every country and organisation that tries to rake up the cause of “Muslims in India”. They should be told in clear terms that they have no business to interfere in the internal affairs of the country and also that India is a Secular Republic and an inclusive society. In our country, all religious groups enjoy equal rights and the fruits of equity distribution without discrimination under the Indian Constitution. One has had enough of rantings and chest beating. During the post World War I Khilafat Movement in support of the Caliph of Islam, the Indian freedom Movement led by the Congress and Mahatma Gandhi had put it’s full weight behind it. Then came the Communal Award under the British rule as an anti-climax. It paved the way for the build up of the two nation theory on religious grounds and the breakup of India resulting in the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1947 but not without the massacre of hundreds of thousands and the biggest ever displacement and exodus of millions across the divided land. It is an irony that once again the Islamists and their supporters, especially in the Congress and the Left parties have started raising the slogan of Azadi. Salman Khurshid did that recently, when he went to Shaheen Bagh, the venue of the anti-CAA protest in Delhi, and joined a child trained to give credibility to the likes of Kanhaiya of JNU and his Azadi slogan. Such protests should be condemned, as India has an electoral democracy that has the power to deliver the fruits of Azadi (Independence). What Azadi Khurshid is now talking of? It sounds diabolic.

Salman Khurshid joins a toddler in raising the JNU brand “Azadi slogan” at Shaheen Bagh.

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