Latest update from China on Coronavirus

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Beijing: Global Times, the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper has reported that newly confirmed novel coronavrius cases decreased for a second straight day, showing the effectiveness of previous control measures, citing China’s National Health Commission on Friday.

According to Global Times (Friday 7 February):

The death rate of coronavirus infection (China nationwide rate) further dropped to 2%, cities in Hubei except Wuhan declined to 1.3% and Wuhan 4.1%.

Chinese President Xi Jinping had a telephonic talk with US President Donald Trump Friday morning. Jinping told US President that China has full confidence and capability to overcome the coronavirus epidemic and the “long-term positive trend of the Chinese economy remains unchanged”.

Remdesivir demonstrates the most invitro activity against coronavirus among existing drugs but won’t be used to treat patients until the clinical trial produces desirable effects. We have strict, scientific assessment standards: Zhao Jianping, member of Wuhan medical team

73 new deaths, 3,143 new confirmed cases were reported on Feb 6 in the Chinese mainland, said China’s National Health Commission. The total infection number soared to 31,161, with 636 deaths as of Feb 6

Hubei reported 2,447 new cases of novel coronavirus on Feb 6, with 69 new deaths; total infection number in the province rose to 22,112, with 618 dead and 817 recovered.

Chinese nationals related by marriage or otherwise to foreign citizens in Wuhan can leave with their families if they have valid international travel documents and wish to leave. Chinese nationals who are lineal or legal relatives of foreign citizens in Wuhan can leave with their families if they have valid international travel documents and wish to leave: Chinese FM

Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, one of the eight “whistleblowers” who tried to warn other medics of the coronavirus outbreak but were reprimanded by local police, died from coronavirus at 2:58 am Friday.

194 salespeople from a shopping mall in N China’s Tianjin have been put into quarantine after 23 people infected with the coronavirus were found at the mall, leading to about 9,200 entering quarantine.

The Red Cross Society of China Wuhan Branch has received 1.028 billion yuan ($147 million) in donations as of Thursday. Wuhan, in Central China’s Hubei Province, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Some medicines may bring hope, but they need further observation in clinical tests. Life support is still a major way to treat amid coronavirus outbreak.

No inflection point in sight despite numbers of newly reported cases dropping for two consecutive days, the whole country should continue focusing on finding suspected cases and strictly imposing quarantine measures: veteran expert Zhong Nanshan

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