Mayhem in JNU campus; many students and faculty members injured

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New Delhi: a masked mob went on rampage indulging in large-scale violence inside the JNU campus on Sunday night.

“There is a law and order situation in the JNU Campus. Masked miscreants armed with sticks are roaming around, damaging property and attacking people. The JNU Administration has called the police to maintain order”, the JNU registrar said in a statement.

There are charges and counter charges, while a section is accusing the “ABVP goons” for resorting to violence and letting lose terror, the ABVP has charged the Leftist students and “urban Naxalites” for unleashing violence.

At the time of posting this news, over two dozen students were injured and many had been rushed to the trauma Centre of AIIMs.

ANI reports: “Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union president & students had been attacked by people wearing masks on campus. ‘What is this? Who are you? Step back, Who are you trying to threaten? ABVP go back, students were heard saying when a mob of people wearing masks and brandishing rods and sticks were on a rampage, brutally beating students and vandalising property”.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has reacted to the situation by strongly condemning the “brutality unleashed against students/teachers in JNU.” No words are enough to describe such heinous acts. Its a shame on our democracy, she has observed.

Congress party has tweeted: “We strongly condemn the attacks taking place in JNU.

This kind of violence is a direct result of the BJP govt’s divisive politics and its failure in protecting students & our democracy from persistent attacks.

Why is the Police doing nothing to protect students?”

CPM leader and former JNUSU presiedent Sitaram Yechury has said in a statement: “Masked attackers entered JNU while law enforcers stood by.”

DMK leader M K Stalin said: “Shocked to see visuals of masked miscreants attacking JNU students inside the campus. DMK condemns rising incidents of violence against students within universities in the aftermath of CAA 2019. All those who are responsible for these incidents must brought to book immediately.”

Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti,a doctor who reached JNU for medical help has tweeted: “Our team of doctors, nurses & medical volunteers who reached JNU to give first aid to injured students & teachers, was attacked by hundreds of goons. Mob manhandled doctors, nurses & threatened them. Our ambulance’s glass & windows broken, this is totally inhuman & insane.”

A tweet by Velentina Brahma, a JNU student belonging to the ABVP, students’ wing of the BJP, which was posted around 8 pm, screams: “I have (been) beaten unprovoked by leftists goon while I was alone at ad (admin) block for registration in #JNU. There is no respite for us. Where should we go for registration. Where should we go to study.”

This point was also underscored by Nidhi Tripathi, National General Secretary of ABVP, said there is “Undeclared emergency in JNU by communist goons”. There is a video footage of her where she says that the ABVP students were first stopped from getting their registration done by the leftist students and the urban naxals and they were beaten up when they went to the admin block for their registration.

There is also a tweet by a JNU Student of ABVP narrating how it all started. He alleges that the “Leftists goons” entered the Periyar Hostel and resorted to violence.

The registration process was being blocked over the last three days by a section of JNU students protesting against fee hike. On Sunday, students protesting against registration resorted to violence around 4.30 pm and attacked hostels. There are reports that this led to violent retaliation from the other side and in this situation the JNU administration called the police. The protesters had locked the server room and vandalised university property in recent days, the administration has pointed out.

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