Historian in dock for disrupting Governor’s speech at IHC session

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Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has responded to an unsavoury episode during the inauguration of the 80th Session of Indian History Congress and said if security personnel were not there, historian Irfan Habib would have attacked him.

The Governor was giving information about the uproar during his speech at the Indian History Congress (IHC) session. He said that he had been provoked to defend the Constitution after Irfan Habib criticised Article 370 and the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The Governor’s official tweet goes on to state:  “Irfan Habib tried on stage  to disrupt the inaugural address questioning the Governor’s right to quote Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, (and began) shouting that he should quote Godse. He (also) pushed (the) Governor’s ADC & Security Officer, who prevented his unseemly gesture.” #IndianHistoryCongress https://t.co/P7hA2HZQg8

Irfan Habib told a section of the media that IHC had not invited the Governor but it was the host Kannur university that had invited him. He rubbished all talk of protocol and said that IHC has its own Constitution and that he follows the Constitution of India and that of the IHC.

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