International media focuses on “mounting death toll” in protests against Citizenship law

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New Delhi: You name it and they are there on the same page when it comes to news coverage by the International media about the violent protests in India against the anti-citizenship law.

A prominent section of international media, has termed India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as contentious and controversial. An Aljazeera report with the title “BJP-ruled state tops death toll in India citizenship law protests” goes with the slug – “At least 15 dead in Uttar Pradesh state as demonstrators defy curbs to protest against new law seen as anti-Muslim”.

Washington Post writes: The law (CAA) allows Hindus, Christians and other religious minorities who are in India illegally to become citizens if they can show they were persecuted because of their religion in Muslim-majority Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It does not apply to Muslims. The report that goes with the heading “23 dead as protests grow against India citizenship law” goes on to add: ” Critics have slammed the law as a violation of India’s secular constitution and have called it the latest effort by the Modi government to marginalize the country’s 200 million Muslims. Modi has defended the law as a humanitarian gesture.”

To name a few – CBS NEWS, Washington Post, Aljazeera, CNN, France24, Japan Times, Gulf News, Fox News – they are all talking of the mounting death toll in the spate of violence against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC)

Reshma Singh, national General Secretary Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch, in a facebook post on 17 December 2019, talked of what she sees as a new model for unleashing violence. She drew attention to that day’s news on violent protests in Lucknow, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Jadavpur and Aligarh, to drive home the point that the ‘Jamia Model’ had been “successfully replicated in many parts of the country. She signed off with the sad prophecy and soul stirring message: “Be prepared to watch corpses being harvested in coming days”.

Ms. Singh has explained the ‘Jamia model’ as follows:

  • Mobilse crowd on the streets against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)
  • Remain absolutely peaceful in the beginning and register protest in a democratic and peaceful manner
  • Follow it up by breaking the police barricade and compelling the police to use mild force
  • Now the goons hiding in the crowd would come out with their faces covered and would start smashing cars and buses with iron rods.
  • They would also draw petrol from motorcycles and sprinkle it on buses filled with passengers
  • Start pelting stones at the police and enter a nearby college or university
  • If the police enters those places and resorts to lathi-charges or fires tear gas shells to catch the goons, then make videos of the scared students and make them viral
  • Turn the injured students into heroes by flashing their faces in the media and accusing the Police of indulging in violence and arson with full help of intellectuals and leaders
  • After successfully following this model, start replicating it at other places

Check what the Prime Minister says: Congress and its allies are spreading lies about CAA and NRC: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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