Government of India transfers & postings in November 2019

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SNo.Order No.DateConcerned Officers Details
16/56/2016-EO(MM-I) Pt28/11/2019Dr. Vikrant Pandey, Indian Administrative Service, , 2005, Inter-State Council SecretariatPDF(English)
236/01/2019-EO(SM-I)28/11/2019Shri Anil Kumar Jain, Indian Administrative Service, , 1986, MinesPDF(English)
310/3/2019-EO(SM-I)26/11/2019Shri B. Venugopala Reddy, Indian Administrative Service, , 1994, CommercePDF(English)
410/1/2019-EO(SM-I)26/11/2019Ms. Nidhi Mani Tripathi, Indian Administrative Service, , 2001, CommercePDF(English)
527/37/2018-EO(SM-I)26/11/2019Shri Anuj Sharma, Indian Defence Estate Service , , 1991, Home AffairsPDF(English)
636/1/2019-EO(SM-I)25/11/2019Shri Nagendra Nath Sinha, Indian Administrative Service, , 1987, Official LanguagePDF(English)
76/36/2019-EO(SM-I)22/11/2019Ms. Rashmi Chowdhary, Indian Railway Personnel Service, , 1989, Personnel & TrainingPDF(English)
818/9/2019-EO(MM-I)21/11/2019Shri Binod Kumar, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 2002, RevenuePDF(English)
936/01/2019-EO(SM-I)20/11/2019Shri Arun Kumar Panda, Indian Administrative Service, , 1984, Health & Family WelfarePDF(English)
1012/3/2019-EO(MM-I)20/11/2019Shri Rahul Raj, Central Power Engineering Service , , 2006, DefencePDF(English)
1112/4/2019-EO(MM-I)20/11/2019Shri Pankaj Srivastava, Indian Telecom Service, , 2001, DefencePDF(English)
129/18/2019-EO(MM-I)20/11/2019Shri P. Sampath, Others, , -, Consumer AffairsPDF(English)
1336/01/2019-EO(SM-I)19/11/2019Ms Shakuntala D Gamlin, Indian Administrative Service, UT, 1984, Minority AffairsPDF(English)
1414/5/2019-EO(MM-I)18/11/2019Shri Sanjay Jain, Central Power Engineering Service , , 2005, Corporate AffairsPDF(English)
155/7/2019-EO (MM-I)18/11/2019Shri Sushil R. Gaikwad, Indian Railway Traffic Service , , 1998, AYUSHPDF(English)
164/23/2019-EO(MM-I)15/11/2019Shri Saurav Kumar Shah, Indian Police Service , , 2009, Youth AffairsPDF(English)
1736/1/2019-EO(SM-I)14/11/2019Shri Amarjeet Sinha, Indian Administrative Service, , 1983, Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers WelfarePDF(English)
1836/01/2019-EO(SM-I)13/11/2019Shri Avinash K. Srivastava, Indian Administrative Service, , 1982, Food & Public DistributionPDF(English)
1918/6/2019-EO (MM-I)11/11/2019Shri Hanumaiah Korukunda, Indian Cost Accounts Service, , 2008, Economic AffairsPDF(English)
2014/6/2019-EO (MM-I)11/11/2019Shri Ashok Kumar, Indian Police Service , , 2006, Law and JusticePDF(English)
2136/1/2019-EO(SM-I)11/11/2019Shri Deepak Khandekar, Indian Administrative Service, , 1985, Social Justice & EmpowermentPDF(English)
2218/7/2019-EO(MM-I)11/11/2019Ms. Jaya Priyadarshini Yarikipati, Indian Economic Service , , 2008, Investment and Public Asset ManagementPDF(English)
231/5/2014-EO(MM-I)09/11/2019Shri Rajgopal Sharma, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 1994, Micro, Small and Medium EnterprisesPDF(English)
245/6/2019-EO(MM-I)08/11/2019Shri Narendra Kumar Oza, Indian Telecom Service, , 2000, Health & Family WelfarePDF(English)
254/21/2019-EO(MM-I)08/11/2019Shri Kailash Chand Meena, Indian Ordnance Factory Service, , 2002, Tribal AffairsPDF(English)
267/3/2019-EO(MM-I)08/11/2019Shri Samarendra Prakash Srivastava, Indian Statistical Service, , 2004, NITI AayogPDF(English)
276/14/2019-EO(MM-I)08/11/2019Shri Irfan Ahmad, Central Power Engineering Service , , 1998, Central Vigilance CommissionPDF(English)
2826/1/2019-EO(MM-I)07/11/2019Shri Anoop Singh Gahlaut, Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers, , 1999, Housing & Urban AffairsPDF(English)
297/5/2014-EO (MM-I)07/11/2019Shri Brahm Dutt, Others, , -, NITI AayogPDF(English)
304/20/2019-EO(MM-I)07/11/2019Shri Vaibhav Goyal, Indian Ordnance Factory Service, , 2009, Tribal AffairsPDF(English)
3110/11/2019-EO(MM-I)06/11/2019Shri Nikhil Varma, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 2005, TextilesPDF(English)
324/16/2019-EO(MM-I)06/11/2019Shri Shobhit Gupta, Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers, , 2000, School Education & LiteracyPDF(English)
334/11/2019-EO(MM-I)05/11/2019Shri Vimal Anand, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 2003, SportsPDF(English)
344/22/2019-EO(MM-I)05/11/2019Ms. Rohini R Bhajibhakare, Indian Administrative Service, , 2008, Higher EducationPDF(English)
359/11/2019-EO(MM-I)05/11/2019Shri Vivek Shukla, Indian Statistical Service, , 2004, Food & Public DistributionPDF(English)
3636/1/2019-EO(SM-I)01/11/2019Shri Anil Kumar Jain, Indian Administrative Service, , 1986, MinesPDF(English)
3736/01/2019-EO(SM-I)(1)01/11/2019Shri Rajesh Bhushan, Indian Administrative Service, , 1987, Cabinet SecretariatPDF(English)
386/21/2016-EO(MM-I)01/11/2019Smt. Mithra T, Indian Administrative Service, , 2009, Home AffairsPDF(English)
397/2/2019-EO(MM-I)01/11/2019Ms. Shubhrata Prakash, Indian Revenue Service (IT) , , 2002, NITI AayogPDF(English)
406/15/2016-EO(MM-I)01/11/2019Shri P.S. Reddy, Indian Administrative Service, , 2003, Home AffairsPDF(English)
416/17/2016-EO(MM-I)01/11/2019Dr.S.K.Kapta, Indian Forest Service, , 1995, Home AffairsPDF(English)
426/33/2016-EO(MM-I)01/11/2019Shri Abhishek Dev, Indian Administrative Service, , 2007, Home AffairsPDF(English)
4313/4/2019-EO(MM-I)01/11/2019Shri Supriyo Ghosh, Indian Postal Service , , 2005, Micro, Small and Medium EnterprisesPDF(English)

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