Maharashtra: Shiv Sena is the big loser

Newsroom24x7 Network

Mumbai: After Shiv Sena failed to produce the letter of support from the Congress and Sharad Pawar’s NCP, the Maharashtra Governor has invited and given a 24-hour deadline to the NCP to stake claim to form the new government in Maharashtra.

In the latest situation if Shiv Sena decides to compromise with it’s Hindutva ideology and support the NCP and it’s ally the Congress party, it is bound to lose its popular base in Maharashtra.

After the BJP-Shiv Sena won a clear majority in Maharashtra, the battle for power between the two parties touched it’s nadir with Shiv Sena staking claim for the chief minister’s post despite having a smaller share of seats. In the process, their pre-poll alliance fell apart and it became a free for all.

If Shiv Sena refuses to support the NCP, Governor’s rule is imminent in Mahatashtra.

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