Cricket science set to get a boost with customized Z Bat

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Mumbai: Cricket science is set to get  a big boost with the arrival of  first time uni-gender, bespoke Z Bats.

Designed and created by two young cricket enthusiasts, Samir Shah and Harshal Shah, they are here to revolutionize the entire concept and functionality of cricket bats. Z-Bats, backed with scientific algorithms and sensor-based technology, now aim to change the way India approaches the process of buying cricket bats through their body meets balance concept.

“We studied and figured out that there could be 344 types of batters in the age category of 8-80 years. This is what spurred us to come up with the concept of Z-Bat that will guide players to make the perfect choice,” said Harshal Shah, Founder Director of Z-Bat.

Not only will Z-Bats identify the right cricket bats but also enhance performance and most importantly they will also help to avoid injury with the unique body dynamics detection.

Adding to the concept founder director of Z-Bat Samir Shah said  “While we got hooked to the idea, we ran a survey among amateur cricketers across Mumbai and the feedback to our concept was very positive and promising, which is why we decided to go ahead and convert our dream into reality.” 

While Samir and Harshal’s idea gave birth to Z-Bat, the potential was identified by startup pioneer, G Ramachandran, popularly called GR in the fraternity. He has already made fitness an aspirational product with the introduction of Gold’s Gym in the past and has now joined hands with two young, dynamic, passionate amateur cricketers, Harshal Shah and Samir Shah to launch Z-Bat in India.

“The unconventional has always intrigued and attracted me. When I heard Harshal and Samir’s idea, I knew the concept had acceptance and scalability with the right push and backing. With my experience of making a success of start-up product and their understanding of the game, I am confident India is up for a fresh cricketing revolution.” added  Ramachandran, .

What sets them apart is the fact that they have not only derived the science of utilizing the willow, but they are also empowering aspiring enthusiasts to become bat smiths and bat technicians, as part of Made in India initiative.

Through an online to offline approach, the right bat can be identified for a batter at a specialized Z Bat Clinic starting off in Parel, Mumbai. Priced at very competitive rates of 3999/- to 25,000/- INR, the concept has already been attracting eyeballs from the cricketing fraternity as well as from the amateur space for its uniqueness.

The founders aim to open 10 Z Bat Clinics in the next 6 months with the first clinic coming up in Parel, Mumbai and the next stop being Bangalore. Z-Bat also plans to reach out to the global market as the uniqueness of finding the right bat has caught the fancy of many in the business both in India and abroad.


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