I am still in daze, yet to sink in that we have qualified: Women’s Hockey Captain Rani Rampaul

Harpal Singh Bedi

New Delhi: India women’s hockey team skipper Rani Rampaul  on Tuesday admitted that  she is still  in “daze” to accept that  they have qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “I think we are still in that daze. It is yet to sink in that we have actually qualified,”  said Rani  adding that a win in the second match would have made this all the more special.India lost the second tie 1-4 but won on two match aggregate. 

It  was  Rani’s 48th minute goal sealed the  Olympic berth for the team as they defeated USA 6-5 on aggregate after the two-legged FIH Olympic Qualifier in Bhubaneswar last weekend. The Men’s team too secured a berth after beating Russia 4-2 and 7-1 in the qualifying matches. 

“Maybe we would have celebrated had we won the second match too. Though a win is a win, we didn’t expect things to pan out the way it did for us in the second match,” Rani said  about losing the second match 
Speaking  about the crucial moments of  the match on Saturday, She  recalled that  it was the brief pep up talk  by chief coach Sjoerd Marijne  during the 10-minute half-time break that changed their fortunes. The team was trailing 0-4 at half-time and a comeback at this juncture seemed far-fetched. 

“Sjoerd was naturally quite upset when we went inside the changing room at half-time. His emotions were evident but all he said to us was, ‘It’s not over yet. All you need to do is go back and play as if the score is 0-0.’ I think those words instilled confidence in us again. During the World Cup last year, we were 0-1 behind USA but we scored only in the second half to draw that match,” 

Although Rani’s goal came only in the fourth quarter, the team staged a solid defence to keep USA from scoring further in the third quarter. “We showed resurgence in third quarter and all of us played with that never-say-die attitude but it was not enough. A goal was still eluding us with USA giving us no room in the striking circle. When I saw the screen with time ticking away fast, just 30 seconds remaining for the third quarter to end, I did wonder if we can still make it.”

“But when we regrouped before the fourth quarter, everyone was pumped up and we knew we only needed an opening in the circle and one of us would surely score. We had worked so hard for more than an entire year, we had gone through such scenarios in training and we were not going to give up easily,” added the Captain. 
Her  goal has ensured the team will play in two back-to-back Olympics after qualifying for Rio 2016 for the first time since 1980. The  team will now get a two-week break before they return for National Coaching Camp in SAI, Bengaluru. “We have crossed the first hurdle which was to qualify. Now we will regroup, review, analyse and there is ample time for us to prepare for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and our goal is to win a medal,” concluded confident Rani.  

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