Its viral on social media: Tips for Indians to get Nobel Prize in Economics or Peace

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Who would deny that good teachers are essential to impact the outcome and improve performance of students across the board in schools. What we are seeing now is that a Noble Prize was needed to send across this message at the global level. The gist of the matter is that what’s axiomatic has taken 20 years for a global research Centre in the US to prove and establish, through a series of random tests funded by donors including Arnold Ventures, Co-Impact, Community Jameel, Echidna Giving, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Douglas B. Marshall Jr. Family Foundation, Omidyar Network, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the UK Department for International Development.

In this backdrop, we came across a social-media post, which is nothing but satire and is doing the rounds on social media. It has gone viral on internet.

We are reproducing the satirical post. It is as follows:

  1. Take birth as an Indian in India
  2. Study in India
  3. Follow Leftist philosophy
  4. Need to work on either economics or on social justice/injustice or peace keeping in mind everything is bad in India.
  5. Migrate from India and settle in USA/West and start career with US/UK university
  6. Leave Indian citizenship and take US/ UK citizenship
  7. Divorce Indian wife and marry an US/UK woman
  8. Continue to Criticise India in global forum
  9. Write some books or publish papers showing India is in poor taste…. bad economy, caste based society; agrarian crisis and poverty at its peak.
  10. Catch hold of some elite individuals
  11. Be a blue eyed boy of anti-India lobby & western media with some anti-India rants
  12. Market yourself as anti-establishment think-tank.

You have all the possibilities to be a Nobel Laureate or may get Some International accolades.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in the post above that’s gone viral on social media does not reflect the opinions of or its Editors.

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