Journalists should write with a sound mind and be one with humankind: Dr Gulab Kothari

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Bhopal: The Chief Editor of Rajasthan Patrika Dr Gulab Kothari said here on Wednesday 9 October 2019 that journalists should write with a soul and become one with humankind.

Dr Kothari was addressing a special brainstorming session on “Society, Culture and Journalism” at Makhanalal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism in the State capital.

Dr Kothari underscored eternal continuity and the philosophy of Sanatan dharma and said future journalists should strive to know themselves and define their objectives. Once they do that they will work not for themselves but for the larger universe and the betterment of society. “Be one with society, touch the minds of the people and strive for truth and credibility to be successful as a journalist”, he said adding ‘the reader is God”.

“Karma should become our prayer (religion)”, Dr Kothari said aserting that journalists should understand the power of words and use them judiciously and with wisdom as they travel without end.

Saints and journalists only give. They seek nothing.

Vice Chancellor of the University Deepak Tiwari said on this occasion that he is dedicated to producing journalists with a critical mind, who are brave, have a critical mind and can ask questions. He said that journalism is important for healthy democracy and announced that the classrooms in the University will now be called newsrooms.

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