Kashmir issue: Imran Khan tries to fan Islamic jingoism and radicalism; threatens Nuclear war

Lalit Shastri

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday, 27 September 2019, opened his cards completely and came out as an extremely radicalised leader when he used rhetoric to the hilt while addressing the UN General Assembly on Kashmir and went to the extent of warning that there will be “consequences far beyond the borders” when (Pakistan) a nuclear armed country would fight to the end”.

As if blindfolded, Khan refused to acknowledge the low intensity war waged by Pakistan in Kashmir with the help of terrorists trained in Pakistan and how the ISI handlers had been funding and patronising the secessionist elements and radicalising the Kashmiri youth for last several decades in cahoot with the so-called Kashmiri leadership. The Pakistani Prime Minister was never moved by the ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiri Hindus through babrbaric means. He also chose to wrongly interpret the UN resolutions on Kashmir. As Prime Minister of Pakistan, he was expected to know that under the UN resolution Pakistan has to vacate the area under its illegal possession, which is referred to as “Pak Occupied Kashmir”. It also has to pull back its Army from that territory. India, on the other hand, had the mandate under the UN resolution to maintain troops in Kashmir till normalcy gets restored in that area. Till such time, there was no question of self-determination.

Kashmir is an integral part of India.

India is a Sovereign Secular Republic. Article 370, that gave special status to Kashmir but denied fundamental rights to a vast section of population residing in Jammu and Kashmir, has been revoked with more than two-third consent of both Houses of the Indian Parliament. There are a few districts in the Kashmir valley where the majority Muslim population has been systematically radicalised by the secessionist forces and their Pakistani handlers and it was necessary to impose special restrictions in this area to ensure normalcy returns after revocation of provisions under Article 370. In this backdrop, when Pakistan stands thoroughly exposed, Imran Khan is trying to not just communalise Kashmir but turn it into an issue between 1.3 billion Muslims across the world and the non-Muslims. He has also tried to rope in the Indian Muslims en bloc by saying they are watching how the “Kashmiri Muslims” have been boxed for 55 days and and what not.

As if this was not enough, Imran has threatened a nuclear war and even another World War by drawing the analogy with the cession to Germany of the territory of Czechoslovakia and the World war II that followed.

It appeared he was addressing a crowd of radicalised Muslims and not the UN general Assembly, when the Pakistani Prime Minister said 100, 000 Kashmiris have died in the past 30 years because they were denied the rights given by the United Nations. The right for self-determination. And 11,000 women have been raped, he said adding there are United Nations Human Rights reports on this. The world hasn’t done anything because India is a huge market – 1.2 billion people. Sadly the material prevails over the humans. But this has serious consequences, he stated.

In his address to the UNGA, as he switched from global warming to Kashmir, Imran reminded me of the fictional character of Dr. Henry Jekyll and his alternative personality, Mr. Edward Hyde

Imran talks of blood bath

Newsroom24x7 Network reports from New York City

As if into the crystal ball gazing act, Khan said in his address at UNGA:

“Look what is going to happen when the curfew is lifted there will be a blood bath. The people will come out. There are 900,000 troops there. They are not there as Narendra Modi says he has done that for the prosperity of Kashmir. These 900,000 troops, what are they going to do. When they come out, there will be a blood bath. Has he thought it through, what happens then. Has anyone thought that what happens when there is a blood bath. What do you think will be its impact on the people of Kashmir. What do you think, they will think. The way they have been boxed in their houses. Treated like worse then animals. No rights. All their political leadership has been arrested. Taken out of Kashmir. Even those Kashmiri leaders who were pro-India have been taken out. Thirteen thousand boys have been picked up and taken to God knows which destinations.

So what do they think. What will the people of Kashmir do when they lift the curfew. They will be out in the streets. And what will the soldiers do. They will shoot them. They have already used pellets guns. Blinded young boys in the last six years. The oppression that has gone on in Kashmir. And so Kashmiris will be further radicalised.

There will be another Pulwama and guess what, India will blame us. They already blaming us. They saying all this is happening because of Pakistan. One of their Defence Minister said there are 500 terrorists lined up on the border to go ahead. Why would Pakistan send 500 terrorists when there are 900,000 troops. What impact they are going to make.What will they do. Don’t we know that the moment there is some terrorist attack, all that will happen is there will be further cruelty and oppression of the people of Kashmir. We will just give the (opportunity) to the 900,000 troops to further crush the people of Kashmir. And then we will give the Indian Government an excuse that look Pakistan is a terror state – this mantra that has gone on that is “Islamic terrorism”. The moment you use this catch word Islamic terrorism, the whole world turns away. No one talks about human rights. You can do whatever you want, which is what has happened in Kashmir because they keep using this word Islamic terrorism and this is what they are doing right now. What do we benefit from further increasing the cruelty on the people of Kashmir. And why would we want this.

But, there is no other narratve left for India. As when they lift the curfew whatever happens, Pakistan will be blamed and there is always the danger of another Pulwama. They might come and bomb us again and then another cycle might start. And what does Narendra Modi think that 180 million Muslims of India are thinking right now. Aren’t they watching these Kashmiris stuck inside for 55 days. Aren’t they watching. Don’t you think the Muslims will be radicalised in India and I am talking of 180 million people. And when they get radicalised. There will be some incident in India somewhere down the line. Again we will be blamed.

And what about 1.3 billion Muslims, who are watching this and they know it is only happening in Kashmir because they are Kashmiri Muslims. This is not happening to Kashmiri Hindus. They know that this is happening because of their religion. What do you think they will be thinking. What do you think the Jewish community would think if 8000 jews were stuck like this. What do you think Europeans would think. Are we a children of a lesser God. Is this not going to cause us pain.

And then I will tell you what will happen. In the 1.3 billion Muslims, someone will pick up arms. We have been brought up with films, western films. This good decent guy doesn’t get justice, he decides to pick up a gun and starts seeking justice. There was a film made in New York – famous film called Deathwish – this guy gets mugged and his wife gets killed and he can’t get justice and he picks up a gun and goes about shooting muggers and the whole cinema cheers him on. So what do you think the Muslims are thinking right now. If there is a blood bath, there would be Muslims becoming radicals not because of Islam but because of what they will see that there is no justice when it comes to Muslims. There were Rohingya Mulims – Myanmar, almost a million people out – ethnic cleansing. What was the response of the world community. So what do you think will be the response of 1.3 billion Muslims.

I picture myself, I’m in Kashmir. I’ve been locked up for 55 days. I’ve heard about rapes. Indian Army going into homes. would I want to live this humiliation. I would pick up the gun. You are forcing people into radicalisation. When people lose the will to live. What is there to live for.

If you can do this to human beings, you are actually radicalising people.

I want to repeat here, this is one of the most critical times. There will be a reaction to this. Pakistan will be blamed. Two nuclear armed countries will come face to face. Like we came in February and before we head in that direction, the United Nations has a responsibility. This is why the United Nations came into being in 1945. You were supposed to stop this happening. I think we are back to 1939 – Munich, and how Czechoslovakia had been taken, annexed – what is the world community going to do. Is it going to appease a market of 1.3 billion or is it going to stand up for justice and humanity.

If this goes wrong, you hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. If a conventional war starts between the two countries, anything could happen but supposing a country seven times smaller than its neighbour is faced with the choice either you surrender or you fight for your freedom till death, what will we do. I ask myself this question and my belief is, there is no God but one and we will fight and when a nuclear armed country fights to the end, it will have consequences far beyond the borders. It will have consequences for the world. Which is why I am here. I am warning you. It’s not a threat. Its a fair worry that where are we headed. I have come here to tell the UN. This is a test for the United Nations. You are the one who guaranteed the people of Kashmir the right of self-determination. They are suffering because of that. And this is the time not to appease like in 1939 appeasement took place. This is the time to take action.

Number one action must be that India must lift this inhuman curfew, which has lasted for 55 days. It must free all political prisoners and especially those 13,000 boys that have been picked up and their parents don’t know where they have disappeared. And then the world community must give the people of Kashmir the right of self-determination.

Click here for Imran Khan’s full speech at UNGA

One thought on “Kashmir issue: Imran Khan tries to fan Islamic jingoism and radicalism; threatens Nuclear war

  1. There is a method in madness. He is paranoid that India will take POK. He is acknowledging that in conventional war, Pakistan will get defeated. He is threatening that Pakistan will commit suicide with nuclear bomb, if they lose in war, which he is certain about. He knows that s400 missiles will take out their missiles and the bombs will explode in Pakistan itself. So he is frightening the world, nuclear radiation will engulf the earth. His antics are more like that of Veeru in film Sholay. Dharmendra climbed onto a water tank and started threatening villagers with suicide.


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