A fragmented world is in the interests of no one: Prime Minister Modi

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New York City: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modia ddressing the UN general Assembly here on Friday, 27 September 2019, on behalf of 1.3 billion Indians, said that in the world’s largest democracy, the highest ever number of votes brought the Government into power for a second term in 2019 with an even stronger mandate.

The message that this mandate conveys has a wide and inspiring significance. When a developing country successfully implements the world’s biggest sanitation campaign with the Clean India Mission — building more than 110 million toilets in just five years — all its achievements are an inspiration to the world. When a developing country successfully runs the world’s biggest health assurance scheme, giving 500 million people 500,000 rupees annually for free treatment, the gains from that scheme show the world a new path.

And when a developing country launches for its citizens the world’s largest digital identification program — giving them a biometric identity and saving more than $20 billion by checking corruption — the modern systems that result from this project give the world new hope. By 2022, when India celebrates its seventy‑fifth Independence Day, it plans to build 20 million houses for the poor, he said. It will also work to eradicate tuberculosis by 2025. Such rapid changes are taking place in India because India is a great culture that is thousands of years old, one with its own vibrant traditions and which encompasses universal dreams. The core of India’s approach is public welfare through public participation.

Viewed from a historic and per capita emission perspective, India’s contribution to global warming is very low, he said. Yet, the country is a leader in addressing this issue. Among the effects of global warming is the increasing number and severity of natural disasters. As such, India has initiated a “Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure” to build infrastructure that withstands natural disasters. India has given the world Buddha’s message of peace, not war. Its voice against terrorism rings with seriousness and outrage, alerting the world about this evil. Terrorism is one of the biggest threats to the world and all humanity. “It is absolutely imperative that the world unites against terrorism,” he said. With technology bringing about sweeping change to social, personal and economic life, as well as to security and international relations, “a fragmented world is in the interests of no one. We do not have the option to confine ourselves within our boundaries,” he said. “We must give new direction to multilateralism and the United Nations.”

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