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“How headline hunters can turn to head hunters”

Newsroom24x7 Network

Distinguished Scientist with ISRO Tapan Misra has commented on two news portals that have published news items based on a post by him on his facebook wall. We are reproducing his reaction for the benefit of Newsroom24x7 followers/visitors.

“My Facebook post had been picked up by two news portals. Newsroom 24×7 kept the original title. The gave a total spin to the title of post.

I do like to share a story narrated by Swami Vivekananda. One day a group of sannyasis decided to observe “mounibrata”, vow to preserve complete silence. One sannyasi raised one finger. Second sannyasi raised promptly two fingers. Since they were not supposed to speak to each other, each could not decipher what other meant.

Next day second one asked the first one the reason of raising one finger. First one said that God is only one and this is ultimate truth. And asked back for the reason of raising two fingers. Second one replied that he thought the first one wanted to blind him in one eye. So he meant that he will retaliate by blinding him in two eyes. So reader’s perspectives and inclinations do matter in right or wrong interpretation of writings. I am amazed how headline hunters can turn to head hunters.”

Newsroom24x7 story

The Wire story


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