Students have to be disciplined but they also deserve positive strokes: Lalit Shastri

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Lalit Shastri addressing Students at Chandra Shekhar Azad Government College, Sehore, on Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Sehore, Madhya Pradesh: Senior journalist, eminent conservationist and wildlife film-maker Lalit Shastri today underscored the importance of ensuring discipline in educational institutions with a firm hand and emphasised that the college authorities and professors also should strike a balance by giving positive strokes and taking up the responsibility of guiding the students on the right path.

Shastri was speaking as Chief Guest at the inaugural session of the three day “Deeksharambh” (Students Induction programme) at Chandra Shekhar Azad Government College here on Tuesday, 17 September 2019.

Shastri told the students that they should consider themselves fortunate as they have got the opportunity to go ahead with college education and play their role as responsible citizens in future. He told them to define their life goals and do everything in their command to fulfill their dreams. “Students should realize early in life their role and obligation towards the larger society, the nation and the human fraternity”, he said adding whatever profession or vocation they choose, it is important for them to know that whenever the need arises and they are in a position to take decisions involving others or in public interest, the guiding principle should be “Justice with fairness”. Making this point, Shastri especially drew attention to the famous theory propounded by the American thinker John Rawls.

Shastri went on to focus attention on the core idea of Bhagawad Gita and said that the students should ask themselves three questions – who am I; why I am here on earth; and what is my goal or purpose in life? The day one is able to define one’s goal, one would refuse to compromise and that would amount to gaining absolute freedom, he said adding the path ahead (for the students) should be dictated by logic, reasoning, urge for knowledge, rational thought, firm commitment and the joy of pursuing one’s goal.

Speaking as Special guest, former College Principal Dr. G.D. Singh told the students to treat the college as a launching pad for a bright career in diverse fields. He had a word of praise for college professors and said that they will be too glad to guide the students passing out of the college to explore career prospects in the Army, Police, All-India Services, State Service and the corporate sector. He underlined the importance of quality education and respect for the college time-table. Further, he said that the importance of holding the parent-teacher meeting (at least once a year) should not be undermined.

Dr. G D Singh

Dr. Singh was particular in pointing out that the admission schedule is important when it comes to imparting quality education. If students miss the admission deadline, they should be encouraged to join the open universities, he added.

College Principal Asha Gupta, and Professor Anil Rajput also addressed the students. Professor M S Rathore proposed the vote of thanks.

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