Your neighbourhood artist is all set to win the World

Riddhi Siddhi Art Exhibition at Swaraj Bhawan in Bhopal, the capital of the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh

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Bhopal: The curtain came down on the three-day Riddhi Siddhi Art Exhibition here on 16 September but the spirit of the artists who came together to display their work during this event is soaring due to the unprecedented support and the raving reviews they got from the connaisseurs of art and the citizens from all walks of life.

The Riddhi Siddhi Art exhibition was inaugurated by Madhya Pradesh Minister for Culture Vijay Laxmi Sadho and the main guests at the concluding function were Dr. Shakur Khan, a respected scholar in his 90s, senior Journalist, environmentalist and wildlife film maker Lalit Shastri, Prof G.D, Singh and Ms Nita Deep Bajpai, President of Deepanjali Art and Craft Welfare Society.

Rishabh Nigam – The moving spirit behind the Riddhi Siddhi team of artists

Rishabh Nigam had brought dozens of artists under one roof by organising a grand two day Riddhi Siddhi Art exhibition at the same venue, the prestigious Swaraj Bhawan Gallery here in September 2018. This time, for the second year in a row, it was a three-day event.

Rishabh is a civil engineer by profession but his passion is art and the creative sphere. What’s unique and special about him is that he does not live for himself but an entire group of budding artists – from all age-groups. They are a breed apart and brimming with elan. These creative geniuses do not seek government patronage but are bursting with both creative energy and the spirit to showcase their work before the world community. In terms of quality they are second to none.

Rishabh, the moving spirit behind the Riddhi Siddhi Art Exhibition, is a brilliant artist, who uses colour pencils with unpremeditated ease to draw portraits and human figures, which he fills with life and minutest of details. Among the visitors, there were also those ready to buy his art but Rishab was clear in his mind, that instead of underselling, he would focus on building his art collection to showcase it before the world in the coming days. The other artists were also of the same view.

Everyone was all praise for the exquisitely done “Circles of divine energy ” in the Mandala art form, by Shruti Parihar, Student of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Bachelor’s of Textile Design Gandhinagar Gujrat.

Priyanka Yadu’s subjects – all of them women in their fineries and ornaments – depicted pain and an existence behind the man-made veil and curtain. A science graduate and now a fine arts student at the local Nutan College, Priyanka has brilliantly used old newspapers as an alternative to canvas to build her narrative.

The 3-day art exhibition became a huge success with visitors showering praise on all the artists who came together to put up their art work on display.

The artists were:

Rishabh Nigam – Color Pencil Artist
Shruti Parihar – Mandala
Anju Nigam- Madhubani
Priyanka Yadu-Mix media
Anmol Khantal – Contemprory
Vidottma Kolhe – Warli painting
Harshna Ramteke – Peace ( Bhudha ji )
Anishka Sood ( 13 yrs ) – Color pencil
Shubham Bose – Shadow Artist
Rupal Saini- Love
Akrita Dubey – Devine
Shruti Jain-Wooden art
Anu Prakash – Portrait
Arti Goyal – Portrait ( Black and white )
Mrinal Mehta – Portrait ( 12 yrs )
Sheetal Gour – Animal, Abstract painting
Pranay Kaul ( Photographer ) – Nature
Manju Mishra – Lord Ganesh

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