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Chandrayaan-2 and Lander Vikram: It was not a soft landing

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Lander Vikram

Bengaluru: As feared, it was not a soft landing as per plan but a hard landing for Lander Vikram after it had lost contact with the Control facility at the ISRO headquarters here on 7 September 2019.

According to available information, Lander has been detected by OHRC (On board High Resolution Camera) with 0.3 m resolution. Lander appears to have fallen reverse way and in 3-4 or more pieces. Identification exercise is going on as the camera is a black and white one.

ISRO chairman K Sivan had earlier told media that he is not ruling out the possibility of re-establishing contact with Lander.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), has the capacity to take images and should be able to produce pictures if the Lander was intact. Also, with the help of its own orbiter, ISRO should produce some pictures of Lander especially after Sivan went public talking of the possibility of re-establishing contact with it.


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