When the world was waiting for the historic landing of Vikram Lander there were some talking of ISRO scientists and NRC

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The controversial post that began floating on social media on Friday, 6 September 2019.

Bengaluru: Just when the entire world was waiting on Friday night for the historic landing of Vikram Lander on Moon, a mischievous post had started floated freely on social media obviously by those wanting to rake up an unnecessary controversy by focusing attention on ISRO scientist Jitendra Nath Goswami and pointing out that the prominent scientist from Assam and “Adviser of Chandrayaan-2 Mission”, along with his family, have been excluded from the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Goswamy was Director Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) and was involved in Chandrayan-I. Question arises, why he should have to apply for registration under NRC. The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is maintained by the Government of India. It contains names and other relevant information to identify genuine Indian citizens. The NRC in Assam is basically a list of Indian citizens living in that state.

Deepak Kumar Das is another Assam born scientist, who figures in the same post that’s gone viral on social media. Das took over from Tapan Misra, who now heads the Office of Innovations Management, ISRO, in Bangalore.For a brief period he had additional charge of Director, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. Tapan was involved in most of the Chandrayaan-I and Chandrayaan-2 payload. Das was his deputy. Chandrayaan Mission has contribution from the launch vehicle, satellite and payload group. The real hero, when it comes to the satellite was G. Nagesh, who retired as project Director a few months ago.

In Tapan Misra’s words: Nagesh, who as Project Director guided the programme in its difficult times, had brought out a marvel of a satellite. Today’s smooth insertion of Chandrayan 2 in lunar orbit owes to mastery of mission management and orbit control algorithm and strategy developed during Chandrayan-1 under the guidance of Srinivasa Hegde, who has long retired.

Misra also credits M Annadurai, who superannuated last year for guiding Chandrayan 1. He had made his mark in defining the Mission and bringing it to conclusion in early 2018, Misra underscores adding “any programme in ISRO , including Chandrayaan 2, is possible due to dedication of a very large number of faceless, unassuming ISROites. They include not just engineers or scientists but our fabrication facility and quality specialists, ever helping administrative and maintenance staff, no less dedicated contract engineers, contract support staff and above all the gardeners who build picturesque environs for us to work.”

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