Multi-polar world is essential for peace and stability: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers his Press Statement in Vladivostok. On right is Russian President Vladimir Putin (September 04, 2019)

Vladivistok: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his press statement, during his visit here to attend the Eastern Economic Forum, said that both countries – India and Russia – are well aware that in today’s era, multi-polar world is essential for peace and stability. And the role of our cooperation and coordination in building it will be important.

The Prime Minister further said:

Therefore, we intuitively cooperate closely in BRICS, SCO and other global forums. Today we have open and meaningful discussions on many of the major global and regional issues.

India wants to see an Afghanistan that is free, secure, unbroken, peaceful and democratic. We are both against external interference in the internal affairs of any country.

Prime Minister and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia Witness Exchange of Agreements (September 04, 2019)

India and Russia will cooperate and strengthen in areas such as cyber security, counter-terrorism, environment protection. India and Russia have agreed to organize a High Level Forum on Tiger Conservation next year.

Tigers at Pench Khursapar Gate. Photo by Omveer Choudhary.

Even in the strategic areas like defense, today’s agreement on the manufacturing of spare parts of Russian equipment by Joint Ventures of both the countries in India will promote the industry. This agreement and the joint venture of the AK-203 earlier this year are steps that are giving our defense cooperation a solid foundation of co-manufacturing outside the limited environment of Buyer-Seller.

Increasing localization of Nuclear Plants in collaboration with Russia in India is also developing a genuine partnership between us in this field. Second, we are moving our relations beyond the capitals to the states of India and the regions of Russia outside the capitals.

President Putin is also aware of capabilities and potential of Russia’s territories. Therefore, it is natural that he conceived the Eastern Economic Forum and understood the importance of connecting a diverse country like India with it.

now a maritime route between Chennai and Vladivostok has also been proposed to increase connectivity between the regions.

Third, we have greatly diversified our bilateral cooperation and added new dimensions to it. Nowadays the highlight and headline is the unprecedented investment in each other’s hydrocarbon sector, not just oil and gas deals between India and Russia. A 5-year roadmap for cooperation in this sector, and cooperation in the search for Hydro-Carbon and LNG in Far East and the Arctic have been agreed.

Astronauts of India will receive training in Russia for Gaganyan, i.e. Indian Human Space Flight.

Click here for Prime Minister’s press statement during his visit to Vladivostok

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