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Tapan Misra inaugurates Prof. V S Mani Centre of Air and Space Law at GNLU

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Tapan Misra

Gandhinagar: Eminent space scientist Tapan Misra, who heads the Office of Innovations Management, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), today, 4 September 2019, inaugurated Prof. V S Mani Centre of Air and Space Law at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU).

Prominent among those present on this occasion were Prof. S Shanthakumar, Director, GNLU, and Prof. Stephan Hobe, Professor of Public and International Law at the University of Köln and Director of the Institute of Air and Space Law.

Space technology is an emerging area of business and strategic importance and also integral component of national pride. Establishment of such a centre is a very welcome initiative of GNLU.

In his keynote address, Misra drew attention to the importance of addressing human responsibility towards space along with legal and moral aspects of space exploitation and space exploration.

Who says we are the only intelligent species in the universe? We might not have been able to contact or discover one. But absence of proof is not a proof of absence – Tapan Misra

“Being the most intelligent life form on earth, we not only have responsibility towards other no less important life forms in our surrounding environment, but also other, hetherto unknown, life forms anywhere else in the universe”, Misra underscored adding, “in future, human created intelligent robots will replace human beings in exploration of universe. They should not be allowed to destroy nature of universe as it is.”


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