The last exodus of minority Hindus from Kashmir and the radical Islamist agenda

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Ashish Dhar is a Kashmiri Hindu “living in exile”. He speaks about the “atrocities committed on the Hindu minority and the religious nature of the conflict in Kashmir”.

A video on Youtube published last week with the title “Kashmir: A civilizational battle” by Ashish Dhar had logged over 120,000 views on Tuesday, 3 September.

Ashish points out how most Kashmiris, the aborigines of the Kashmir valley, were converted out of the Hindu fold by force, intimidation and brutal violence that characterised the better part of Muslim rule in Kashmir since the 14th Century. In 1990, Kashmir was finally free of any significant Hindu presence and influence, he points out asserting that this was the “final blow that took the Kashmir valley to the brink of severing its last ties with the Indian civilisation”.

Ashish goes on to underscore “there was a qualitative difference between the last and the earlier exoduses. In 1990, there was the involvement of the common citizens in the act of terrorising the “non-believers, he points out adding while the terrorist outfits were funded and propped up by Pakistan, it was the local Kashmiris who enthusiastically filled their ranks and provided crucial logistical and moral support to the Mujahideen.

It was common in the late ’80s and early ’90s (of the last Century) for Hindus to find their Muslim neighbours turning hostile overnight, Ashish points out as he presents a gory tale of how the minority Hindus were killed or driven out of their homes and reduced to the status of refugees in their own country.

Ashish has narrated the most barbaric aspect of the post-1990 Kashmir story by focusing attention on some of the victims, who were tortured, raped and killed after the mass exodus when they had returned to the valley to collect their dues etc. According to him, such terror and evil was perpetuated, only to convey the message to the minority Hindus that they dare not return to the valley.


  1. Ashish Dhar’s video hit the nail on the head. If the Center doesn’t stand firm, India will fragment. Tapan Misra’s write up is a masterpiece on ISRO’s achievements.


  2. Great video to explain about Kashmiri Hindus plight.
    Not many people know about it being Indians.
    Anywhere in the world, religion is incorrectly used for “ethnic cleansing”
    It’s the agenda which is evil not any religion
    Well done Ashish and thank you for educating


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