India Licensing Expo 2019: Adarsh is Content Publisher of the Year

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Bhopal: Aadarsh Pvt Ltd, a children’s education and media company with headquarters in Bhopal – the capital of the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, has won Content Publisher of the Year Award at Economic Times Label Awards event, a part of India Licensing Expo in Mumbai.

“We are pleased to have won the award. Aadarsh is proud to carry on its legacy of being a trusted publisher of high-quality children’s content,” said Ankita Shrivastava, Vice President, Aadarsh.

Adarsh is a leading printing and publishing house in central India with a pan-India network and products being exported to 25 countries. The Directors of this company are also associated closely with academics ā€“ Career Group of Institutions.

Adarsh publishes books and has its own IP (Intellectual Property) in animated cartoon characters for children. The company also has its own designing team and printing facility at two printing plants in Bhopal. Adarsh began it’s journey in 1989 and now it is more than 25 years that it has grown from publishing to animations. From story books for children like Purple Turtle and Colour Fairies to animated series of Purple Turtle and Colour Fairies.

Manish Rajoria, Director Adarsh Private Limited, with Purple Turtle – popular global brand.

Aadarsh Talking Books ā€“ A patented technology brought to India by Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd.

Aadarsh Talking Pen is a talking pen with an in-built speaker, which USES LISTENING SKILLS along with traditional reading. It has an in-built camera and a 2 GB memory card. When the Talking pen is held over a book that has been embedded with codes, it activates the pre-loaded audio files. Now while students are reading a sentence, they will hear a pre-recorded voice.

This technology automatically brings a human face through voice in the learning process,increasing the attention span and concentration level. The talking book technology also helps in making books more interactive, interesting and educational. Therefore, Talking pen is a giant leap in educational technology.



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