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Why speculate when Whispersinthecorridors is always first to tell you who goes where

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New Delhi: Its not only in the case of the Bureaucracy, Corporate world, Banking sector and the Defence forces that always hits the bulls eye everytime it makes a forecaste but what’s amazing is that this platform is also a concrete source of credible information when it comes to projecting political developments well in advance. This is not possible without an ear for whispers in the corridors of power that are even more silent than pindrop silence.

Dr Suresh Mehrotra

Two years ago,, news portal extremely popular with top politicians, bureaucrats and officers of all-India Services, captains of industry, bankers and top brass of the armed forces, had projected that BJP strongman and organisational general secretary Ram Lal was on his way out and his successor would be BL Santosh. Today this projection stands validated.

There is no dearth of such examples.

When it comes to the who’s who across the board and who goes where among them, why speculate when is there to keep you informed.

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