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Barring a few non-English speaking countries, newsroom24x7 has followers across the globe.

Bhopal, India: today, 5 July 2019, touched a major milestone by registering half a million hits within a short span of four-and-half years, beginning January 2015.

They did everything to demolish this platform. While they had to bite dust, Newsroom24x7 holds ground and continues it’s journey on the chosen path. We abhor the tendency of pandering to the powers that be. We are committed to the larger public cause and what we write and publish speaks for itself. The support we have got from half a million hits will act like adrenalin. We believe in serious journalism. For us truth is sacred. Hence we don’t publish news till we investigate and verify every detail. We are always vary of vested interests and it gives us great satisfaction when the news we publish becomes a reference point and gets the top ranking on search engines. We try always to maintain the level of our news content. For us, even the quality of ads we publish is important and don’t bank on digital arbitrage with an eye on more hits and profit as most other websites do. For us the discerning readers are important because they are the engines of change. – Lalit Shastri, Editor-in-Chief, Newsroom24x7 has maximum followers in India (362906 hits), followed by the USA (92909 hits), United Kingdom (4670 hits), Australia (4185 hits), Canada (3183 hits) and France (1842 hits). What’s significant about these figures is that has not followed the path of buying website traffic

In 2017, the news titled “I shall never again make any booking through #MakeMyTrip” was the top ranking story. It drew a record 11726 readers.

The news analysis about the functioning of the bureaucratic machinery in India published with the title “Collapse of the Steel Frame of Indian Bureaucracy and Modi’s call for Rapid Transformation of the Administrative System” was the blockbuster story of 2016 with 10023 hits. What’s important is that this ignited a national discourse that has changed the whole narrative vis-a-vis the bureaucracy. Now the wayward and corrupt officers and those who don’t follow the path of rectitude are being shown the door.

There were a series of news stories published by Newsroom24x7 in 2017 that drew similar attention. Most of them revolved around the issue of Reservation on caste basis. In the two years preceding the general election to the Madhya Pradesh Assembly in 2018, Newsroom24x7 had become the flag bearer of the people’s movement for rationalisation of the caste based quota system in India. And the result – the Madhya Pradesh BJP government was ousted from power mainly on the reservation issue and Modi 1.0, the NDA government in its first avatar, was forced to amend the Constitution to grant 10 percent reservation for the economically deprived in the general category during the run-up for the 2019 election that brought the BJP led NDA back to power with a thumping majority.

Our much followed stories on the reservation issue were as follows:

Reservation in promotions for SC/ST category in MP: Supreme Court hearing stands deferred 10081 hits

Reservation in promotion case: No hearing in Supreme Court today 8483 hits

Reservation in Promotion case: Madhya Pradesh Government adopts delaying tactics, Supreme Court may take up hearing tomorrow 84439 hits

Reservation in Promotion: Railways will promote staff on provisional basis to ensure safety 6805 hits

In 2018, “What ails ISRO” was the maximum read story. 4814 hits

Also followed closely by readers were the following news items:

Losing contact with GSAT-6A puts ISRO authorities in dock 4780 hits

The news coverage earlier this year (2019) on the dastardly terrorist attack under the title “Shootout at Christchurch mosques, multiple fatalities” was treated as a principal source of information by people in different parts of the world.

Newsroom24x7 has a robust archive in terms of news coverage. The news portal covers a wide spectrum from National news to States of India, and the entire World. The news portal also gives extensive coverage to news relating to Politics, Environment, Forest, Wildlife, Economy, Business, Sports, Governance, Corruption and Accountability, Right to Information, Civil Society, Defence, Science and Technology, Education, and Books.

In order to turn website visits into a profit, millions of websites follow the modus operandi of digital arbitrage. The website publishers make a profit by buying inexpensive AdWord tags and use them to drive traffic to their websites to increase the revenue from the higher-value Adsense ads on that site. As we are given to understand, this is also the practice followed by a large number of news portals. We at Newsroom24x7 only aim at reaching out to the discerning public. Our forte is news and its bold analysis. For us Truth is sacred and we never compromise on the tenets, values and ethics of journalism.

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