Praise for “My Little Boat”

Book review by Arefa Tehsin

My Little Boat -Mariam Karim

Touched by the multilayered philosophical writing, Arefa Tehsin writes a heartfelt #review of the #novel “My Little Boat” by Mariam Karim.

I read My Little Boat. How amazing it was to connect with the author through this story…

What a beautiful novel! Part stream of consciousness, woven with captivating fables, laced with French and lovely poems like “Be like the tree…” and stirring prose. My Little Boat is unsettlingly reminiscent of the current times. I got goosebumps reading some of the passages about India in the Babri Masjid days, the fears and angst then and how we have outdone our own worst nightmare and living it today. Now what next?

I loved the bold treatment of faith in the book,  especially that short para on what Nasreen should wear.

The novel is philosophical, reflective, ruminative and multi-layered.

“the modern world has no #tales, there are no silences for them to breed in.”

When Javed wrote to Jabbo towards the end trying to make sense of the madness, it reminds of several such musings about humankind and its ways. It summarizes it beautifully.

Recommended for reading

The #author is a popular #novelist, playwright and children’s writer. A teacher of French language and literature, she has traveled widely and brings the flavour of her travels both within the country and outside, into her writing. Her books and plays have been nominated for International and Indian awards.

My Little Boat

Arifa Tehsin is a well known writer. She was shortlisted for The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Best Author Award 2017 for her book “Wild in the Backyard”. Her picture book “The Elephant Bird” was read at over 3000 locations across India from the slums to the Presidential Library on International Literacy Day 2016.

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