Extradition of Economic Offenders: “Names will not be disclosed in Public interest”

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  • There are 28 individuals who are accused in criminal cases being investigated by Enforcement Directorate (ED).
  • They are either residing abroad or have left the country before initiation of investigations by ED.
  • As these cases are at various stages of investigations by ED, it will not be in larger public interest to disclose names of such persons, amount involved and status of investigation as this could adversely affect these investigations.
Nirmala sitharaman

New Delhi: Union Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman in gave this information in a written reply to a Parliament Question in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, 25 June 2019.

The Finance Minister told the House that Necessary action has been initiated for bringing the accused persons back to India. In this regard, Red Corner Notice (RCN) has been issued against 25 persons; Extradition requests have been issued for 14 persons; action under Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018 (FEOA) have been initiated against 7 persons and 3 persons accused under PMLA have been brought back to India.

There are adequate legal and administrative measures in place to tackle economic offenders who have either fled from the country or are likely to flee during the course of investigations. Whenever there is apprehension that the accused person may leave the country during the pendency of PMLA investigation, Look Out Circular (LoC) is issued by the Directorate of Enforcement. In case any of the accused person against whom LoC is issued tries to leave the country the Immigration Authority informs the Directorate and such person is apprehended. Further, some of the accused persons may already be residing abroad or may have left India before the commencement of the investigation under PMLA. In such cases action is taken by issuance of RCN and Extradition Request. Action under the newly enacted FEOA, 2018 is also initiated in suitable cases against economic offenders who have left India so as to avoid criminal prosecution or who, being abroad, refuse to return to India to face criminal prosecution and the total amount involved in the economic offence is more than Rs. 100 crore.


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