Compulsory retirement and sword of prosecution haunts the wayward civil servants and bankers

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New Delhi: After a thumping victory in the general Elections to Parliament, the Narendra Modi led NDA Government has started its second consecutive term in power at the Centre by giving the clear message that it will not tolerate the poor performers and the wayward in the all India services who fail to follow the path of rectitude by announcing the compulsory retirement of 15 officers of Indian Revenue Service (IRS) (C&CE) with immediate effect on Tuesday, 18 June 2019.

The Modi Government’s message and intent to ensure probity and accountability notwithstanding, questions are still being raised by a section of those belonging to the All-India Services. Some are asking why pick only the IRS officers at the word go. Why the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) , Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) officers, who are either facing serious charges or there is prima facie evidence against them, have been spared from direct action by the Government of India in the first phase.

According to the Central Vigilance Commission, sanction for prosecution was pending in 57 cases for four months till 30 April 2019. The status quo remains the same in most of these case even now.  The only development in this matter is that in seven cases involving sixteen officials of Department of Personnel & Training, Corporation Bank, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda and Syndicate Bank, the Central Vigilance Commission has agreed with the departments and Organizations concerned that sanction for prosecution is not necessary. However, final action taken or decision is awaited in these cases.

In the meanwhile, it has been reported that CVC has sought sanction from the Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Finance to prosecute in the alleged case of corruption linked with INX Media, former NITI Aayog CEO Sindhushree Khullar, a retired 1975 batch IAS officer of the Arunachal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram and Union Territory (AGMU) cadre. In the same case, sanction has also been sought to prosecute former secretary of the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Anup K Pujari, a 1980 batch retired IAS officer who was borne on the Karnataka cadre and Prabodh Saxena, a 1990 batch serving IAS officer, who is now posted as Principal Secretary in the Himachal Pradesh government.

Ministry/Department wise summary of cases pending sanction for prosecution
for four months till 30 April 2019

S. No. Department/Organisation No. of cases pending
1. M/o Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions 8*
2. D/o Revenue 2
3. M/o Labour & Employment 1
4. M/o Chemicals & Fertilizers 1
5. M/o Defence 2
6. Canara Bank 1
7. Corporation Bank 3*
8. State Bank of India 2*
9. Bank of Maharashtra 2
10. Punjab National Bank 2*
11. New India Assurance Co. Ltd. 1
12. Bank of Baroda 1*
13. Syndicate Bank 2*
14. Allahabad Bank 1
15. Oriental Bank of Commerce 1
16. Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs 1
17. Central Board of Direct Taxes 1
18. M/o Food & Supply 2
19. M/o Health & Family Welfare 2
20. M/o Human Resources & Development 1
21. M/o Railways 5
22. M/o Shipping 1
23. M/o Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation 1
24. Union Territories 2
25. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh 1
26. Govt. of Chhattisgarh 1
27. Govt. of Himachal Pradesh 1
28. Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir 1
29. Govt. of Maharashtra 1
30. Gov. of Tamilnadu 1
31. Govt. of Uttar Pradesh 5
Total number of cases pending with Departments/Organizations 57

*In Seven cases involving Sixteen officials of D/o Personnel & Training, Corporation Bank,
State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda and Syndicate Bank, the
Commission has agreed with the Departments/Organizations that sanction for prosecution is not
necessary. However, final action taken/decision is awaited.

Cases pending sanction for prosecution for four months till April 30, 2019 

S. No. Crime Number Date on which sanction solicited/ proposed Name of Accused Officer(s)


Designation Department/ Organization
1 RC 1(E)/2010,


20/02/2013 B L Agarwal Secretary of Health Deptt. of Personnel & Training
2. RC-12(A)/2011, AC-II, Delhi 19/09/2014 K. Dhanalakshmi, IAS Dy. Secretary Deptt. of

Personnel &


3. RC-5(E)/2014, BS&FC, Mumbai 10/11/2016 D.S. Dhesi, IAS CMD,


Deptt. of

Personnel &


4 RC 6(A)/2016, ACB, Portblair 28/03/2017 Alpana Mondal Daily Rated Mazdoor Govt. of Union Territories
5. RC 10(E)/2010, EOU-IV, Delhi/ EO-II, Delhi 08/06/2017 Lachman Das Pushp Administrative Officer Indian Council of Medical Research
6. RC 15(A)/2017, ACB Patna 18/10/2017 Sashi Shekhar Assistant Director Directorate of Enforcement
7. RC 19(A)/2011, ACB Hyderabad 07/11/2017


1. D. Muralidhar


2. Y. Srilakshmi

Jt Collector


Deptt. of Personnel & Training
8. RC 19(E)/2014, EO-III, Delhi 15/12/2017 Suijt Gulati Dir. Ministry of Coal Deptt. of Personnel & Training
9. RC 1(E)/2016, BSFC, Delhi 15/03/2018 Upendra Dubey AGM Canara Bank
10. RC 42(A)/2016, ACB, Delhi 24/03/2018 Anup Mohta Director M/o Health & Family Welfare
11. RC 20(A)/2015, ACB, Chandigarh 07/04/2018 1. P C Dudi

2. Sunil Kumar


3. Onkar Singh

4. Mohd. Yakub

Dy. Commer. Manager

Div. Finance Manager

Then CDO/Sr. Sec. Eng.

Senior Clerk

Ministry of Railways
12. RC 5(A)/2016, ACB, Portblair 27/06/2018 1. Mamta Jijith

2. Ramesh Chandra


3. R Nagarujulu

4. K.


5. Chandra

6. M. Jagananthan

7. T Palanivel Rajan

8. P. Suman

Executive Engineer

Executive Engineer

Asstt. Engineer

Junior Engineer

Junior Engineer

Asstt. Engineer

Junior Engineer

Junior Engineer

Ministry of Shipping
13. RC 2(A)/2016, ACB Pune 02/08/2018 1. Ajitsingh Bhadoria 2. Pradeepkumar

Bahuguna 3. J. K. Joseph

Lt. Col.

Lt. Col.

Lt. Col.

Ministry of Defence
14. RC 3(A)/2016, ACB Srinagar 14/09/2018 R G Meena Exe. Engineer CPWD



15. RC 3(E)/2017, EO-I 18/09/2018 1. S M Swathi

2. Ashwani Madan

3. P K Amarrnath 4. G G Rao

5. Divakar Shenoy

6. Vimlesh Diwakar 7. Ritu Sharma 8. Rahul Satish 9. Abhishek Sharma



AGM AGM Chief Manager Chief Manager Chief Manager Manager

Corporation Bank
16. RC 14(A)/2018,


05/10/2018 Rohit Srivastava ASP CBI
17. RC 3(A)/2018, ACB Chennai 10/10/2018 Madhubalan S Asstt Manager State Bank of India
18. RC 9(A)/2018,


11/10/2018 A Sikander AGM Food Corporation of India
19. RC 4(A)/2013, ACB Ghaziabad 18/10/2018 Dr. Chunni Lal Ram The then GM Food Corporation of India
20. RC 1(A)/2018, ACB Dehradun 23/10/2018 Naseem Ahmad Vice Chancellor Ministry of Human Resources & Development
21. RC 5(E)/2016, EO-II 30/10/2018 Gurnihal Singh Pirzada The then MD Deptt. of Personnel & Training
22. RC 23(A)/2016, ACB Chennai 31/10/2018 Vijaykumar I. CMD (retd) Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers
23. RC 9(A)/2018, ACB Pune 05/11/2018 1. Hanumant



2. Rajendra

Vasantrao Bhattu

3. Kishor Arun


4. Chhya Girish

Bhagurkar 5. Abhishek Prasad

6. Parvesh Kumar

7. Shashikant

Ramesh Misal

8. Supriya Suhas


9. Milind Madhukar


10. Arun


Ponkshe 11. Sangeeta Sudam


Deputy Manager

Deputy Manager

Deputy Manager

Deputy Manager

Deputy Manager Clerk Clerk



Special Assistant

Computer Operator-B

Bank of Maharashtra
24. RC 1(A)/2016, ACB Raipur 05/11/2018 1. Bhavessh Pandey 2. Kalicharan


3. Ashok Kumar Dom

Sr. DEN-East,


Sr Sec Engineer

Ministry of Railways



25. RC 4(A)/2017, STB Delhi 19/11/2018 1. A R K Prasad

2. G



3. Sudhir Kumar

4. Pawan Arya

The Then DGM The Then AGM

The Then Branch Manager The Then Chief Manager

Corporation Bank
26. RC 17(E)/2017,


19/11/2018 1. Ravindernath

2. Nakul Gheek

The Then Officer The Then Manager Punjab National Bank
27. RC 3(A)/2016, ACB Ghaziabad 20/11/2018 Sukhjivan Singh Chahal Chief Executive Offier Ministry of Defence
28. RC 11(A)/2018, ACB Mumbai 27/11/2018 1. Shyamlendu

Kumar Das

2. Jagriti Gupta

Dy. Chief Labour Com


Ministry of Labour
29. RC 20(A)/2018, ACB Jaipur 30/11/2018 O P Kumawat Inspector of customs Custom & Central Excise
30. RC 1(A)/2018, ACB Bangalore 30/11/2018 1. Padmini

2. Govindaraju

Accounts Assistant

Jr. Clerk

Ministry of Railways
31. RC 10(A)/2017, STB Delhi 03/12/2018 1. A R K Prasad

2. G


3. Durga Madhab

Rout 4. Pawan Arya

The Then DGM The Then AGM

Branch Head

The Then Chief Manager

Corporation Bank
32. RC 8(A)/2018, ACB Ranchi 04/12/2018 1. Rajeshwari Singh

2. Kailash Kant Jha

Sr. DME (Diesel), ECR AMM (Diesel), ECR, Pa Ministry of Railways
33. RC 1(A)/2018, ACB Jodhpur 05/12/2018 Inder Chand Chundawat Sr. Branch Manager Punjab National Bank
34. RC 13(A)/2016,


10/12/2018 1. A. B. Jana

2. Ms Bhawani Vijay


3. Sudeep Das

Gupta 4. Nirmalya Chanda

Regional Manager Deputy Manager

Deputy Manager


New India Assurance Company Ltd.
35. RC 14(E)/2016,


10/12/2018 1. Ashok Aneja 2. Rajesh Kumar


The Then DGM The Then Branch Manager Bank of Baroda
36. RC 18(A)/2015, ACB Cochin 11/12/2018 Sarath S Income Tax Officer Income Tax
37. RC 12(E)/2014, EO-I 11/12/2018 1. H C Gupta

2. K C Samaria



Deptt. of Personnel & Training
38. RC 12(A)/2017, ACB Pune 19/12/2018 1. Durgesh Kulkarni

2. Mohit Jain

Manager Relation Manager (RBO-I) State Bank of India
39. RC 8(E)/2017, BS&FB Delhi 28/12/2018 Priya Pareek Asst. Manager Syndicate Bank
40. RC 8(A)/2017, ACB Pune 28/12/2018 1. Ishita De

2. M E Ranjalkar

3. R I Alwal

Sr. Manager

Sr. Manager Sr. Manager

Bank of Maharashtra



41. RC 11(A)/2017, ACB Bangalore 28/12/2018 Sunil Kumar Jyothi Dy. CPO Ministry of Railways
42. RC 4(A)/2017, ACB Port Blair 28/12/2018 1. M Ravindra Rao

2. Shri S.A. Khalique

Managing Director Dy. General Manager Govt. of Union Territories
43. RC 23(E)/2016, BS&FB Mumbai 29/12/2018 1. Bimal Kumar Mitra

2. Shashi Singh

3. Sanjay Kumar


Then GM

Then Chief Manager

Then Sr. Manager

Allahabad Bank
44. RC 17(A)/2017, ACB Patna 29/12/2018 Sashi Shekhar Assistant Director Directorate of Enforcement
45. RC 19(A)/2017, ACB Jaipur 31/12/2018 1. Amar Singh

Rathore 2. Man Singh

The Then Branch Manager Agr officer Oriental Bank of Commerce
46. RC 12(A)/2017, ACB Bangalore 31/12/2018 1. Durgappa S


Then Branch Manager Syndicate Bank
47. RC-19(A)/2011, ACB, Hyderabad 21/07/2016 Y. Sree Lakshmi, IAS Secretary, Hyd. Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
48. RC-1(E)/2010, EOU-VII, Delhi/ EO-III, Delhi 20/02/2013 1. Parmod Singh

2. S.L. Patel

3. Om Prakash

The then Jt. Director

Store Clerk


Govt. of Chhattisgarh
49. RC 13(A)/2017, ACB,


27/07/2017 Tilak Raj Sharma Joint Director Govt. of Himachal Pradesh
50. RC-3(A)/2014, ACB, Jammu 18/09/2015 Dharam Singh The then Patwari, Jammu Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir
51. RC 3(E)/2015, EO-II 10/10/2018 1. Dominic Gabriel Philip The Then Managing Director Govt. of Maharashtra
52. RC 8(A)/2018, AC-III 02/11/2018 1. Senthil Murgan

2. E Sivakumar

Designated Officer Leprosy Inspector Govt. of Tamilnadu
53. RC-27(A)/2010, ACB, Lucknow 05/07/2016 Pappu Gupta SDM, Hardoi (UP) Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
54. RC 25(A)/2010, ACB, Lucknow 03/11/2017 Ravi Kashyap Junior Clerk Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
55. RC 23(A)/2016, ACB Lucknow/ ACB Dehradun 27/07/2018 1. Kalawati Shukla

2. Srichand Singh 3. R K Sharma 4. Vijay Kumar


5. Raffat Hussain



Chief Pharmacist UDC

Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
56. RC 4(S)/2014, SCB Lucknow 01/10/2018 1. Pramod Kumar


2. Hariom Mishra

3. Harinam Singh

Junior Engineer

JE(MI) Block Organiser

Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
57. RC 17(A)/2015, ACB Lucknow 18/12/2018 1. Rama Kant Shukla 2. Tahir Iqbal

3. Kashi Ram

DM(I.A.S) (Rtd) Chief Development Officer

Executive Engineer(Rtd)

Govt. of Uttar Pradesh


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