Ajay Singh questions BJP’s credentials on criminal grounds

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Ajay Singh

Bhopal: Former Leader of the Opposition in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Ajay Singh on Wednesday, 19 June 2019, lashed out at the BJP stating “it shouts from rooftops about culture and values but the fact remains that it is a party of criminals”.

While making this observation, Ajay Singh has kept in focus a criminal offence allegedly committed by the son of Union Minister Prahlad Patel and said that it reflects the true colour and mentality of those in the BJP.

The former Leader of the Opposition has pointed out that many criminal offences, including a case of murder, have been registered against Prahlad Patel’s brother, Jalam Singh Patel.

Stating that former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh is now boasting about the law and order situation that prevailed under his regime, Singh has said what is paradoxical is that Jalam Singh Patel was a minister in the Shivraj Cabinet that too when he was being shown as an absconder by the Police. Another accused in a murder case Lal Singh Arya was also a member of the Shivraj Cabinet.

Singh has further stated that BJP draws its strength from the RSS. The foundation of this organisation, according to him, was strengthened with the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse. Therefore it is natural for this party to spread hatred in the society, he has added.

The former Leader of the Opposition has particularly drawn attention to crimes committed in the last three-four days and pointed towards the son of the Union minister involved in a case and also a District Vice President of the BJP Arvind Dubey, who has been accused of exploiting a woman and a BJP MLA’s nephew who has been accused of rape.


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