Sanatan Mission starts Greening of Planet Earth Campaign with the slogan “Come, plant the sapling and go, Come again and eat the fruit”

Sanatan Mission head Guru Lalitendra and Prof Dr. G.D. Singh, Member Board of Advisors Sanatan Mission at Sanatan Kendra, Bilkisganj, Bhopal, heralding the launch of “Greening of Planet Earth Campaign” on World Environment Day, 4 June 2019

Sanatan Kendra at Bilkisganj near Bhopal today observed World Environment Day by launching the unique “Greening of Planet Earth Campaign” devoted to conservation.

Sanatan Kendra, working under the auspices of Sanatan Mission Society, today observed the World Environment Day by giving the clarion call for people’s participation to combat global warming by Greening of Planet Earth.

Guru Lalitendra
Guru Lalitendra

Guru Lalitendra, who heads the Sanatan Mission, today marked the World Environment day by coming forward with an apt slogan to define his Mission’s “Greening of Planet Earth Campaign”.

The slogan

आओ पौधा रोपो और जाओ
फिर आओ और फल खाओ

Come, plant the sapling and go
Come again and eat the fruit

Prof Dr. G.D. Singh, Member Board of Advisors Sanatan Mission, is the moving spirit behind the Sanatan Kendra at Bilkisganj. He said on this occasion that this Kendra has been set up to involve the people, bring them close to nature and inculcate in them the spirit of conservation. Undeterred by the soaring temperature during the current summer season, Dr Singh has spent endless hours supervising and managing the logistics to level and fence the 7-plus acres of land, deepening of an open well, ensuring electricity connection and building the basic shelter prior to launching a massive plantation drive – all within a record time of three months. Already thousand teak saplings have been planted on site.

Briefing about Sanatan Mission’s “Greening of Planet Earth Campaign, Prof. Singh said that people are invited to come to the Bilkisganj Kendra with saplings of fruit bearing trees in consultation with the Kendra functionaries. They are free to leave after planting the sapling/s. These would be watered, protected and well looked after. The patrons are free to visit the Kendra and take stock of the work, whenever they want and after what they have planted turns into fruit bearing trees, they would be entitled to eat and take away all the fruits they want.

Prof Singh said that they also have an outreach programme. Under this programme, Sanatan Mission volunteers would be ready to respond to requests for planting saplings at different locations on call.

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