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Appeal for Tigers: Stop this video, Ban this video

Newsroom24x7 Network

Appeal: Ban this Tiger Temple video

A video showcasing the notorious and infamous Tiger Temple of Thailand, dubbed with a specially created soundtrack – a song in Hindi that talks of the “land of the Buddha” is doing the rounds of the social media. The gullible, the ignorant and those who just live on the surface are falling into the trap and, sadly enough, they are excited about what they are seeing. Had it been otherwise, the video would have been deleted by them and it would not be circulated this way.
Newsroom24x7 has taken up this issue in the interest of the voiceless tigers who deserve our attention and a better fate. It is our demand that the video should be banned and it’s  circulation be declared a crime.

In the interest of the tigers, we have taken the considered decision not to embed the objectionable video along with this Appeal. For information sake we are only publishing random freeze frames of this video.

Our appeal to the entire World:

Stop this video, ban this video

Check this:

Tiger Temple Report by Cee4life

Missing Tigers of Tiger Temple

Months after raids on Tiger Temple





  1. I’m having trouble finding the place to sign. This is not okay. I cannot believe some people are blind enough not to see the obvious abuse behind this sugarcoated video, especially after the Tiger Temple scandal was all over the Internet just a couple of years back. No responsible social media site would allow this sickening propaganda to float around.


  2. Absolutely nothing to do with Buddhist teaching and “the land of Buddha”. This is all about cruelty, greed and money. It should be banned immediately and they should be charged with false advertising, never mind all the other charges that should be thrown at them. Disgusting!


    • Such cruelty, trafficking and killing of tigers must be banned, not be sensationalised. Tiger Temples and their perpetrators must be stopped and punished!


  3. This new tiger temple video is an atrocious evil which hides the killing and trafficking of the tigers. It must be banned immediately.


  4. This so-called temple and the Abbot have been condemned for traffiking and murdering thousands of tigers. Cee4life has exposed the true operations going on there. Ban this video, burn that cursed place to the ground and bring all the culprits to justice.


  5. The Tiger Temple was proven to be full of abuse and lies. Please stop promoting this, it is not representative of the Buddhist faith at all; nor does it represent how Tigers should be treated.


  6. Wild animals are not ours to exploit and use as human entertainment. Please respect wildlife and do not support money making enterprises that use wildlife. Please ban this video


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