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Justice Katju comes under attack for “attempt to divide Army on caste and religious lines”

Lalit Shastri

Justice Markandey Katju, former Chairman, Press Council of India and an ex-judge at the Supreme Court of India, has come under severe attack for his latest utterances being described as an attempt to break the cohesion in the Army by bringing in caste and religious factors.

Justice Markandey Katju

Addressing high ranking Generals of the Indian Army through a tweet, Katju has asked: Did u demand abolition of caste based division in Indian army and cited the example of Sikh Regiment for jat Sikhs and Sikh Light Infantry for dalit Sikhs. He has even indicted the Generals by saying that they were “Failures” if they did not demand an end to caste based division in the Army.

When asked for his reaction on Katju’s remark, a retired top brass of the Indian Army emphasised the point that there does exist a mix of others too, in such Regiments. He further said that the psyche, culture and societal norms are easily grasped and it makes command (especially in operations) much easier, he pointed out, adding in the Indian Army we have only one caste – INDIAN. All ranks look at capability and not your caste or religious preferences.

Katju’s comment on Sikh Light Infantry as Dalits is highly loaded, the retired Army officer observed as he went on to underscore that in the Indian Army “we have only one caste – INDIAN. All ranks look at capability and not one’s caste or religious preferences.”

Markandey Katju, a specimen not worth responding to, is only aiming at breaking the cohesion in the Army by bringing in caste and religious factors into the last bastion that is away from it, the retired General said.

Maj L S Chaudhary (Retd) has told Katju in a tweet that he should let regimentation be an internal affair of Indian Army, because people like him won’t go to war but his brothers will! He goes on to add: “If you could get this – When a Pakistani BAT attacks a Sikh unit on LC, a Sikh LI ghatak might be the one to get ‘1 ke badle 10’ from across!”

Without mincing words, another person has replied to Katju’s tweet by stating: “you lack basic knowledge of Indian Army regimentation inspite your real brother being a very proud officer from the Rajputana Rifles ….
When you do not know something, best is to keep mum.”

The Controversial tweet






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