Anandam Warehouse: It adds to your advantage

Anandam International headquarters

Warehouse with a difference

The 270,000 sq feet fully-equipped warehouse built at Mandideep near Bhopal in central India by Anandam International keeping in focus global standards is also a truck hub.

We are in close proximity of small, medium and large industrial units and our facility is situated close to the Mandideep Container Terminal and right across the railway siding on the North-South trunk route of Indian Railways underscores Ashok Anand, Chairman Anand International.

Our warehouse offers Reach Stackers, Forklifts, Sling Crane, and Trailers, Anand goes on to add, recounting the advantages of availing the Anandam International Warehouse facility at Mandideep.


The clusters in the Mandideep Container terminal area are Tamot, Hinotia, Mandideep, Satlapur, Pilukhedi, Govindpura (Bhopal & Budhani) industrial areas.

Prime Location

Anandam International warehouse is strategically located on National Highway: NH-12(Hoshangabad Road).

Mandideep is the connecting Railway Station in West Central Railway with Siding Lines/Length of 814/680 mtr.

The nearest Airport is Bhopal’s Raja Bhoj International Airport

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