Kamal Nath’s act of humility

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Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has set an example and risen in people’s eyes as an epitome of humilty by his act of forgiveness and his order to revoke the suspension of a teacher who had made an objectionable remark against him.

The Chief Minister has directed the Jabalpur collector to withdraw the suspension of Mukesh Tiwari, the teacher who had passed the objectionable remark against him.

Chief Minister Nath has observed that plenty of hard work goes into the making of a teacher. Stating that Tiwari must have been charged with emotion while passing the remark, the Chief Minister has also noted that
the teacher’s family is entirely dependent on him, while issuing the order to cancel his suspension.

Nath has underscored that everybody enjoys freedom of expression in a democracy. While emphasising that he has always respected people’s right to freedom of speech, the CM has said that the act by the teacher in question could be a violation of conduct rules by a government servant resulting in his suspension.

“Due to the teacher’s suspension, his family would also suffer. I do not want this to happen simply because of a remark passed by him against me. His suspension may be correct and in accordance with the rules but I personally want to forgive Shri Mukesh Tiwari. I do not want any action to be taken against him,” the Chief Minister has noted. Pointing out that the teachers build the society and impart education to the students, Nath has said, he expects Tiwari to pay attention to his duties in future.

The Chief Minister has instructed the district administration not to take any action against the erring teacher.

Nath has further observed Tiwari should himself decide whether or not what he has said against the Chief Minister, who has been elected by the people, is appropriate or not.

On his (teacher’s) remark that Seva Bharti has been harassed over the last 15 years even by those considered as their own, the Chief Minister has reiterated that his government will neither harass nor work with a feeling of revenge against anyone.

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