Rape and murder: Number of death sentence in 2018 goes up to 20 in MP

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Bhopal: With one more death sentence pronounced today in a case of rape and murder of a 5-year old girl child in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, the total number of death sentences has gone up to 20 this year- the highest in any state in India and a record in the history of Prosecution in Madhya Pradesh.

The Court of Additional District Judge in Jabalpur today (19 December 2018) awarded capital punishment to the accused Anand Kushwah (19) for abducting,raping and strangulating to death his 5-year old cousin.

The barbaric crime was committed in Jabalpur district on 19 August 2018. After killing his cousin, the rapist wrapped her body in a polythene bag and dumped it in a septic tank. The body was recovered on the information provided by the accused. The DNA test report was also positive.

Other circumstantial evidence also confirmed the case. This case, especially the speed with which it was solved and put up for prosecution, leading to conviction of the accused, is being described as an example of cooperation between Police investigation and MP Prosecution. Investigation in this case was completed in 5 days.

Of the total 20 cases that have resulted in capital punishment in MP this year, 17 are rape cases involving the girl child, one involving a boy child and the remaining two are normal murder cases. This is the highest number of cases in which capital punishment has been secured in a year in MP or in any other State.

MP Prosecution has secured capital sentence in 6 cases in August , 3 in July and 3 sentence in December. Capital punishment in 6 cases in one month in child rape cases is also a record in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appreciated the success story of MP Prosecution on three separate occasions. First in his speech from Red Fort on 15 August, then in his popular Radio programme “MAN KI BAAT” and again while speaking at the Forensic science university convocation programme at Gandhinagar.

The Jabalpur High court has already confirmed capital sentence in three cases and in three other cases commuted the sentence to life imprisonment. The High court has not granted acquittal in even a single case.

DG MP Prosecution Rajendra Kumar said that capital sentence in such a large number of cases reflects excellent teamwork, commitment and focused approach of MP Prosecution. Credit of extra ordinary success goes to team MP Prosecution and MP Police, he said adding securing capital sentence for 20 accused in a year is unprecedented and a record that that should encourage MP Prosecution to perform even better in coming years.

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