Tiger warrior rubbishes “Unchaining Tiger Tourism”

Sybelle Foxcroft

Some of the dead tiger cubs found when the Tiger Temple was raided by Thailand’s Department of National Parks (DNP). At this time, some writers of the report “Unchaining Tiger Tourism” were working inside the Tiger Temple and their own tigers were being slaughtered by the killers.

Opinion – Without bias

I just read a report called “Unchaining Tiger Tourism” which was released earlier this year. I found it a disappointing waste of time with no groundbreaking issues revealed or solutions. It is basically a tourist handbook guide for tiger attractions in Thailand. This report does not address the real guts of the real issues that face the tigers.

It is the most hypocritical report I’ve ever read, not only because it was written by the ex Tiger Temple staff who turned a blind eye for over a decade on the disappearing/killing of tigers of Tiger Temple, but also because the writers themselves abused, tortured and exploited these magnificent creatures.
In summary, the report offers no revelations that have not already been reported by numerous and far more reputable conservation groups for years, and required no guts or courage to get to the real grit of the situation.

In a nutshell, this is a tourist guide written by amateurs with regurgitated information that has already been published for years which almost verges on plagiarism . It is a tourist guide to tiger facilities in Thailand that is all talk and no action.

The author

Sybelle Foxcroft is an Australian wildlife management expert. She is the force behind the “Tiger Temple Report.” Reference (Read under heading The Sleuth).

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Grim tale of Tigers being hounded and slaughtered in your own backyard

Avni the mother tigress in Maharashtra India, with two cubs, who was framed, and who faced mass hysteria and lies, has been shot dead.
In the picture below are those responsible for the unrelenting hunting of this beautiful tigress who was not proven to have killed anyone. Avni was killed in front of her cubs. What will become of them now…. Cee4life



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