#MeToo: There can be another side too

Globe Trotter

What if #MeToo leads to a #SheToo campaign…What if men also start exposing them, that is women of ‘substance’, who might have crossed the line of decency at some point of time and now they might be even grand mother’s sitting at the apex of families, enjoying the respect of an entire extended family and the society…..Think of what the entire family would lose if that happens.

People grow and evolve over a period of time. If they have been spared for years, they have the right to correct themselves and lead a normal life. If the crime is horrendous, of course, it should draw immediate punitive action. Or else, in such matters, both parties involved should engage in an exercise, that could involve a harsh reprimand, and an apology. This is one way to nip the problem in the bud. What’s happening now, with women (so many of them top journalists) who are viewed as the most emancipated and empowered of the women’s lot, taking the lead in knocking down those who years ago might have violated their modesty, will only end up knocking down a lot that helps in creating a balance in terms of a dynamic society that’s constantly changing and going through the complex horizontal and vertical acculturisation and also the informal self-correcting process.

The complaints being lodged today relate to a period in time when the Indian society was at a juncture of significant change and the modern liberal thought had started crossing the conservative path identified with the mindset of the patriarchal society where the women were looked down and were not allowed to leave the shadow of their men.

One shudders at the thought of all the muck that would flow in the public domain if the #MeToo trend becomes the order of the day. Then who will draw the line and differentiate between slander, lies and truth….Who will account for the loss of reputation of the honourable, if they get roped in by the unscrupulous merely trying to settle scores.

It’s high time the world is wary of #MeToo as the automatic corollary to this can be #SheToo.

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