Why rich Indians are heading for the US and UK for medical treatment

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Bhopal: Rich Indians requiring medical attention and having deep pockets are going to the US and UK for treatment these days because the pharmaceutical companies have stopped marketing advanced drugs in India under Modi Raj.

Dr Rakesh Shrivastava, a Consultant in Advanced Internal Medicine here said he is unable to get certain drugs that were available in abundance in the past.

When Dr. Shrivastava tried to explore the causes leading to the non-availaibility of advanced drugs, including many life saving drugs, he was told by the vice president of a pharmaceutical company that now it is impossible to market the costly molecules in India because of the price ceiling and fear of reverse transcriptase method employed by generic drug manufacturers because there is no protective mechanism in India.

Commenting on the prevailing scenario, Dr Shrivastava went on to observe: “Life and death is beyond a doctor’s command but loosing a patient with uncharacteristic impotence is extremely painful.”

According to available reports, a certain lifesaving drug for children has vanished from the market following the lowering of its price by over 90 per cent due to the regulatory mechanism enforced by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA). The drug producer has expressed inability to provide the drug in question saying how can vast supplies be ensured at less than the production cost.

Also check: Central Information Commission asks Health Ministry and NPPA to check the menace of overpricing of essential drugs

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