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Anarakshit Samaj Party will field candidates in MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana

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Bhopal: Anarakshit Samaj Party (ASP), a new entrant in politics, is going to field candidates in the general election to the State Assemblies of Madhya Pradesh Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana.

This was announced here today by Lalit Shastri, the “Rashtriya Prabhari” (national in-charge) and chairman of the election Campaign Committee. He was addressing media-persons jointly with Praveen Rastogi, the national general Secretary of the party.

Shastri introduced his party’s election symbol “helmet” allotted by the Election Commission by underscoring the “Biggest Truth”. Neither the hand symbol (of the Congress party) nor Lotus (the BJP symbol), now it is the helmet, which is now the protective shield for every citizen.

Go for the helmet, and you will not have to worry about your fundamental rights as they would be protected fully by Anarakshit Samaj Party, Shastri added.

The main aim of Anarakshit Samaj Party is to free India from the shackles of caste-based reservation system and eliminate corruption, said Rastogi, the party general Secretary. He said our party stands united with people of all faiths and religions and we are against no one. We may have ideaological differences with other political parties but there is no room for animosity. Anarakshit Samaj Party is opposed to caste-based reservation system and wants to introduce a quota system on economic basis to ensure the welfare and uplift of the poor cutting across caste and religious lines.

Shastri earlier gave a historic background and said it is high-time we rise above caste lines and start thinking and working for the benefit of the poor irrespective of their caste or religion.

ASP state incharge, Shashank Singh Baghel, joint in-charge Dr. Ashvendra Pratap Singh and media steering committee head B K Shrivastava also spoke on the occasion.

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