Independence Day: A day to rededicate

Lalit Shastri

It’s a day to remember the sacrifices of our Freedom Fighters who freed the nation from centuries of bondage. It’s a day to rededicate ourselves to the cause of nation building and all-round progress, universal brotherhood, vibrant democracy, clean politics, good governance, corruption-free administration, sustainable environment, unity and secularism. On this day, let’s take a vow to respect all religions and faith, follow the path of non-violence, cherish democratic values, encourage the rational mind and temper of enquiry, free-thinking and liberal thought, allow the churning of minds and exchange of knowledge with an open mind. Let’s shun dogma and the path that excludes people by dividing them into Us and Them. When the world is threatened by violence and terrorism, when so many youth are being radicalised and there are forces that are bent upon keeping them out of the mainstream, the challenges confronting us are immense. Let’s join hands and build a wall against all enemies by taking full responsibility of acting as a catalyst in building a society that’s free from the curse of ignorance, social evils and outdated norms. We need a society that has to be inclusive, multi-cultural, law abiding and citizens who respect the letter and spirit of the Constitution and are always ready for any sacrifice to protect the honour and sovereignty of our great nation.

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