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The Rise and fall of the Emerald Tigers by Raghu Chundawat

Ashok Anand

Raghu Chundawat is a renowned conservation biologist whose main studies have been on snow leopards and tigers.

Raghunandan Singh Chundawat

Raghu’s pioneering ten-year research on the Panna tigers was  immortalized by BBC in the documentary – Tigers of the Emerald Forest.

Raghu’s book on tiger of Panna – The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers – will be out soon. It is a story with many lessons for tiger conservation.

The book is based on a decade-long research in the Panna Tiger Reserve (1995-2005) and on observations made on multiple generations of tigers. We knew many of them from the time they were born, till they had cubs of their own, says Raghu. His book describes the fantastic recovery of the Panna’s tiger population from 1996 to 2001. However, it also presents not just his research, but also an insider’s account of the politics and administrative apathy plaguing Indian wildlife conservation. It documents an undesirable event – the extinction of the local tiger population. This book is about science and includes the story of systemic failure, leading to the extinction of the Panna tiger. This book can be enjoyed by any tiger lover as well as those from the scientific fraternity, law makers, wildlife managers, policy planners and administrators.

Watch this space for more news of the book and tigers.

The book is now available for pre-order in India:

Internationally the book will be available by mid-September in most online outlets.

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