Supriya urges Centre to review decision to cancel export of sheep & goats to UAE

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New Delhi: Nationalist Congress Party MP from Baramati in Maharashtra Supriya Sule has urged the Central Government to review its decision to cancel export of over 100,000 sheep & goats to UAE.

Ms. Sule raised this issue in Lok Sabha on Monday (6 August 2018). Drawing attention towards this matter, she said that the Central Government’s decision to cancel the export of of over 100,000 sheep and Goats to UAE from Nagpur last month came in response to protests and a petition in the Bombay High Court by the Jain community.

Ms. Sule told the House that the Dhangar community in particular has suffered the most by the cancellation of the export by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. She also expressed serious concern over the plight of Maharashtra’s farmers.

Ms. Sule said that the income of the Dhangar community of traditional shepherds, butchers and farmers were supposed to be the primary beneficiaries of the international transaction. She further underscored that this export of live sheep and goats was intended to generate additional revenue for farmers of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra, which has high farmer suicide rate.

In 2015-16, India exported nearly 7385.61 tonnes of livestock.

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