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Modi Government wins no-Trust Vote: Rahul caps speech by hugging the PM

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New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Parliament today (20 July 2018) during the no-confidence debate which culminated with him walking to the ruling side to hug Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a topic of discussion across the country more than the issues confronting the people that should have got prominence.

Rahul Gandhi was more emphatic in his speech when he bracketed the PM, ruling BJP and the RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh) together and took a dig at them by underscoring how they have contributed in bringing him closer to Lord Shiva and making him a true Indian and a Hindu. He also said that profanities were being thrown at him and he was being called “Pappu” (a little boy). They may hate him, but he does not hold any grudge nor hatred towards them.

The controversial multi-billion dollar Rafale jet deal between India and France was one issue that was raised strongly by the Congress President. In this context, he said that the PM was a “bhagidar” (partner) and not a chowkidar (security guard) implying thereby that this was contrary to what he keeps shouting from rooftops.

Later, speaking during the motion, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a dig at Rahul Gandhi for trying to make him stand from the seat when he hugged him in Lok Sabha. Modi said that what the Congress President did shows his arrogance and hurry to get the PM’s chair. It is the 125 crore people of this country who elect or remove the Prime Minister, he said adding “what’s the hurry”.

The Narendra Modi Government won the Trust Vote at the end of a 12-hour long debate loaded with blistering attack and counter attack between the ruling NDA members and those from the  opposition side.,

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