Shankar Mahadevan Academy and Maharashtra Mandal Singapore join hands to promote Indian music

Special discount and digital music courses to be offered in Singapore

Ashish Kurl


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Marking the World Music Day Day (21 June) Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA), a world renowned music school founded by singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan, announced last fortnight, a dynamic partnership-with Maharashtra Mandal Singapore (MMS), to offer Indian music lessons to students in Singapore. This association will help in reaching out to Indians based out of Singapore and further enhance their music learning experience.

In a short span of eight years, SMA has built a presence with students from 76 countries with nearly 20, 000 students across online, schools, corporate sector and affiliate centres. The Academy operates its online classes 24/7 and has conducted over 95 000 virtual classes till date.

MMS is a platform connecting the Maharashtrian diaspora in Singapore where denizens of one of the most dynamic states in India meet, socialize, exchange notes and celebrate occasions – including festivals – all under one roof. A home away from home, MMS endeavours to connect Maharashtrians with one another while sharing the spirit of Maharashtra.

Shankar Mahadevan, Bollywood’s most loved singer composer of India, states: “At Shankar Mahadevan Academy, our vision is “to be the Harvard of Music worldwide” and our Mission is “Joy of Music”. We want to make learning Indian music rewarding by making our lovely Indian tradition more modern, more fun and present our valuable traditions in music in a more contemporary way, yet keep a structured way of learning music and reach out to students across the globe. At Shankar Mahadevan Academy, we provide courses that teach Hindustani & Carnatic Classical, Hindi Movie Songs & Devotional Songs, Grow with Music – a unique course designed for children, Voice Gym and even a Teacher Certification Course. The Academy brings high quality Indian music education online for the first time through it’s cloud based platform that allows students from anywhere in the world to have an online, interactive class with a live teacher. You have access to the OM Book which is a treasure chest of audio & video lessons and even an “OM Riyaaz” recorder which will help students learn on the go and get instant feedback. We aim to bring the same quality of music education in Singapore and thank MMS for their support in conserving India’s music genres.”

Ganesh Somwanshi, Founder, Krescendo Communications, Strategic Alliance Partner adds, “We are glad that we could bring two established organisations together on the same platform keeping in mind, a vision of reaching out to music lovers. Music has been close to our heart since inception and we noticed that there is a fair amount of innovation and the basis of Hindustani Music in Singapore remains strongly rooted. MMS and SMA with this association will keep Indian music alive in Singapore which in ASEAN region has one of the strongest traditions of Indian music lovers and learners.”

Nalini Thite, President of MMS talking about this association said,”MMS’ mission is to cultivate and propagate language and culture via various initiatives. Art forms an important medium to achieve the same. We have great musical and artistic talent in our youth and adult members here. It is a pleasure to bring SMA’s courses to our members to hone their talent. Our members will get a special discount from SMA for these digital learning courses. Non-members can sign up with us and avail the discount. We welcome SMA to Singapore and are excited to be associated with it. We would also like to thank Ganesh Somwanshi of Krescendo Communications for introducing us to SMA and helping us in formulating this alliance.”

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