#BreakAadhaarChains;Public hearing in Mumbai on June 30

Suresh Ediga

On June 30, 2018, millions of people will lose access to their rations, to MNREGA job and wages, to their LPG subsidies, to old age pensions, disability benefits, scholarships, and over a hundred other such welfare benefits. The singular reason for this widespread exclusion? Aadhaar.

How did this happen, despite explicit Supreme Court orders that no one should be deprived of any entitlement for want of an Aadhaar? How has the government gotten away with expanding the Aadhaar scheme far beyond the 6 schemes allowed by the SC, and in-practice mandatorily at that?

On June 30, at the #BreakAadhaarChains event in Bandra (Peasants and Workers Party office (शेकाप ) Fishermen colony behind Swami Vivekanand Udhyan
(Landmark: Near Fisherman statue mahim S V Road Mahim Mumbai – 4 pm to 7 pm), we will introduce you to people who have already suffered such exclusion. People whose very existence has been denied by the government and the Unique Identification Authority of India in their brazen attempts to whitewash Aadhaar. Worse, the government touts exaggerated Aadhaar savings claims via depriving such people of the be benefits to which they are entitled by law.

We believe that citizens need to collectivize urgently and make their presence felt on the various issues relating to Aadhaar. Irrespective of the Supreme Court’s judgment, the Aadhaar menace will have to be curbed legislatively as well.

Our expert panel comprising Ex Justice Hosbet Suresh, Prof. R Ramakumar, Ms. Sucheta Dalal, and Adv. Bapoo M Malcom will deliver the people’s verdict, along with their views on Aadhaar and the citizen’s relationship with the government.

The event is part of a series which began in Chennai on June 24 with a talk by legal researcher Ms. Usha Ramanathan. On June 26 there were events in Bangalore and Thane. More events are being planned closer to the monsoon session of Parliament, in Kerala, Telangana, Delhi, and other places.

The text is in public domain, as posted on social media.

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