Pitfall of not asking the leaders why

Suresh Ediga

It all began when as a kid I was asked not to question the elders as it would be very disrespectful to them

I may have carried this forward to the school, to the college, to work because I seldom asked any questions. Sometimes out of respect, sometimes out of fear and sometimes out of embarrassment.

But it didn’t matter that much since my elders made the decisions for me, had all the answers for me – so there was never a need for asking any questions and it turned out ok. My teachers and my professors did the same, starting from which courses to pick, which universities to go to and so on so forth.

Now I’m independent. I take my own decisions, I live my own life and I pay my own taxes. But one habit that never died down, I never ask where my tax money goes? Out of fear, out of respect, out of embarrassment and add more – out of habit.

Unlike my parents, my elders, my teachers and professors, my leaders do not have the same obligation towards me. So once I elect them, they are on their own.

They make their own decisions, they make their own money, they live their own life. There is no obligation for my leaders to work for me. And I don’t ask them why – I don’t ask they don’t tell.

So far so good, but then why do I complain so much

I complain when the food prices rise
I complain when the gas prices increase
I complain when the educational institution hold me for ransom
I complain when there is no power
I complain when I have bad roads
I complain when my buses are crowded
I complain for everything and anything

So either I stop complaining or I start questioning as a first step. If I ever have a chance to change myself, then this is it. Start from a clean slate, with a new government in power, I can start questioning.

I want to change the “Don’t ask don’t tell” to “Do ask and make them tell”. I’ve all the power, I’ve all the tools at my disposal – the internet, the phone, the RTI, the google and my friends throughout the globe.

I never believe in taking any resolutions, but today I feel the need to take one, for if I don’t, then I must teach myself to stop complaining and start compromising.

Compromise to live with pay check to pay check
Compromise to buy things at a higher price
Compromise to be sold out for education
Compromise to be hurt on bad roads
Compromise to make my commute miserable
and so on so forth …

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